Team Obama’s stunning cover-up of Russian crimes


Gee Dave, why was the price of uranium hitting the floor last year? Could it be because it’s abundant?

Desperation to diversify; trying to game on China needing more of it later.

Russia also has an export model where they send a country not just a Nuclear reactor, but the fuel, and the crew to operate it.

Those reactors are pretty hefty investments, and having more supply closeby to where those reactors are located, allows them to keep the costs associated with it even lower. Especially if they’re building a client base for those reactors in South America (which they totally are.)


Well just heard this few min ago:

Yea we worked a deal with the Rusly’s to give them 20% of our Ur and WHO is going to buy something that is such a GLUT on the market ( YOU can’t make this stuff up folks) and ONLY thew Klinton - Obama cabal could this and say it was smart for America.

We sold them 20% in order for the Ruskys to SELL IT BACK TO the US! WTF???


Problem is, they are NOT “selling it back to the US.” As of today, no one KNOWS where they’re selling it–and that’s one of the biggest problems with this whole “deal.”


What does a “glut” have to do with the price of tea in China? As it is, we’re IMPORTING about 90% of the uranium WE need. Why on God’s Green Earth would we turn over control of 20% of our DOMESTIC supplies to the Russians? It makes no sense whatsoever to do that–unless those approving the deal were gaining something personally by approving it and don’t give a tinker’s dam about OUR national security.


China might buy more Uranium the in futre; no one said anything about Tea.

As it is, we’re IMPORTING about 90% of the uranium WE need.[/quote]
Yes, because other countries can do it more cheaply.

The United Emirates imports SAND to help with construction, not because they don’t have any (clearly), but because extraction of useful construction-grade sand is more affordable in other countries.

We’re not; it’s production, and more than half of it is Canadian.

This doesn’t effect “national security” uranium is already available in other parts of the world, at lower cost. Nothing changes with us selling a controlling interest in our/Canadian production.


For the life of me, I’ll NEVER understand why you ALWAYS seem to turn up as an Obama/Clinton apologist, coming up with spurious excuses for their bad behavior.

If uranium is so commonly available, WHY would they turn over control of 20% of OUR production to the very regime that they’ve been telling us for some time now is our worst enemy world-wide?


I’ve never never done this. You can’t name to me any other time I have. I dare you to do so.

And I didn’t here.

I said this, and I meant it. I just don’t buy “security threat”, when Uranium is both more available, and cheaper elsewhere.


Look at your responses to the outrage of the Obama/Clinton cabal selling the rights to a strategic material that rightly belongs to the U.S. You’re making excuse after excuse for their doing this. “It’s available everywhere.” “There’s a glut on the market.” In other words, to YOU, it doesn’t matter.


No Dave, you’re being selective:

I’m not defending Clinton or Obama at any point here. Corruption should be punished.

If they gained windfalls they shouldn’t have, if they made this a quid pro quo for influence inside their office, it was wrong.

Saying this isn’t a matter of national security, is not the same as saying they did no wrong, or that I’m defending them. That’s an equivocation you made, not me. Corruption is a crime all its own without the other crap. Or did you not know that?


Selling strategic materials to a KNOWN enemy of the U.S. IS criminal in and of itself.


Uh… I don’t think uranium counts:


You just don’t understand, Slim has given us all the reasons yellowcake is near worthless, has no furure and is a glut on the market, that’s why the Russians were willing to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes to get it. It must have been explained in one of those advanced logic courses that I didn’t take.


They gave Clinton $500,000. Where’s this other $99.5 million?

I already explained the reason why they’d want to buy it: Russia is the premier Nuclear reactor exporter, and logistically, it makes sense to have a fuel source close to its clients in South America.

We take the piss all the God damn time out of the Left for being Alarmists. With this issue, the reality is staring you in the face of what the Russians would want here (go look up their exporting business), and yet you choose to be nebulous, and imply shadow intentions you can’t define.

I don’t get it.

It’s like you’re only pretending to care, to do a right-wing version of value-signalling.

You put saying the “right thing” above actually trying to grasp the situation.


Oh, BS on a shingle! If it’s such a “glut on the market” and nearly worthless, WHY would these Russians pay Bill Clinton a half-million dollars for a 1-hour “speech” and then settle $145 MILLION on the Clinton’s phony “Foundation” in order to get the deal approved? The TRUTH of the matter is that the Russians wanted control of 20% of our domestic uranium supplies and didn’t want anyone in government to queer the deal. Was it because OUR uranium was somehow cheaper than what they could find in this “glut” you claim exists? Nope. CERTAINLY not if they had to pay approaching a quarter BILLION in bribes to insure the sale went through.


It’s in the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.


… To use themselves, to ship to the plants operating in South America.

You’re acting as if this is somehow deranged for the Russians to do, but it actually makes sound business sense.


Again, NONSENSE, AS. The original deal PROHIBITED the new owners (Russians) from shipping uranium OUT of the continental U.S.–which deal they almost immediately violated…and continue to do today, WITHOUT even bothering to obtain an export license.


PD, you know you cannot argue or win with the far left, they spin, dodge, weave and LIE, its who they are and they troll forums like this for a singular reason, to disrupt and spread their lies as they still sting from Trumps win. They are not here to discuss or make a meaningful contribution, that is no their goal; leave them be to wallow in their own feces…


For the RUSSIANS it might make sense. For the U.S. it makes no sense whatsoever! Or maybe you think OUR uranium is cheaper than that found in Chile or Argentina for example???


I’m not Left Oaks, you’re being lazy.

You cannot use that an excuse for not knowing enough.

For not knowing why the Russians would want our uranium,. for not knowing that we had a glut, for not knowing, that we had a deal, going back 20 years, where we bought Uranium from the Russians.

Either do the research, or quit pretending you care.

If you’re just sitting around waiting for stories to respond to; news flash, you don’t care.
People who do care, put in more effort than that.