Team Trump and Team Carson Organize non-RNC Debate


If Trump and Carson gather up enough support to strike against the RNC/GOPe apparatus there will be an internal war similar to the war within the republican party in 1978/1979. You might remember candidate Ronald Reagan organizing and paying for debates too. When you combine this reality with the strategic deal-making acumen of Donald Trump, the scope of the needed popcorn buckets increases exponentially.
It is interesting, and brutally obvious to note, the Bush Team are absent from the initial media announcement:
*[…] On Thursday, many of the campaigns told POLITICO that the RNC, which has taken a greater role in the 2016 debate process than in previous election cycles, had failed to take their concerns into account. It was time, top aides to at least half a dozen of the candidates agreed, to begin discussing among themselves how the next debates should be structured and not leave it up to the RNC and television networks.

Team Trump and Team Carson Organize Non-RNC Debate Meeting… | The Last Refuge

A more than well-deserved kick in the arse for the RNC.They’ve been getting away with selling us down the river for far too long.


Honestly the more debates the better. I am also ok with a three hour format which Trump and Carson didn’t like, I also think a broader scope of discussion is needed. Why hide from questions (legitimate ones, not the gotcha ones with little substance in the CNBC debate)? If it is sponsored by Trump or whomever, that’s fine, as long as these two are doing it in an inclusive manner so that all candidates have input into the process. Three hours on your feet is nothing compared to hunkering down for weeks to make major decisions so they shouldn’t shy away from a lengthy debate.

Obviously once the debate is down to a handful we can learn more specifics from a smaller group, and they had better be prepared to discuss their platforms in detail, not this “I don’t want to discuss my platform for fear of letting the cat out of the bag” or “I will hire the smartest people” routine. Openly present your case for the most important job in America.

I would like to see questions written by the debate participants themselves and presented to one another if possible. Let the American public learn about Republican (and Democrat) views. I want to hear Carson explain to underprivileged communities why his understanding of class and racial division is a deterrent to those who want to achieve more, a disincentive to the best and brightest of all walks of life. He himself overcoming great odds to be such an accomplished and positive contributor to his field. Let Rubio expand on why he loves America so much, why he wants to give back so much to a nation that gave him and his family refuge from a controlling and repressive system. These debates should be every two weeks, take away some of the spotlight from others, and then force the Democrats to debate with substance as well, bombard the public with these candidates so they can decide the best of the best.

None other than Wolf Blitzer went after the Democratic debate organizers for refusing to allow a specific candidate in the Democratic debate. They were obviously protecting criticism of their front runner by ensuring only her cheerleaders would be in the debate. This is an affront to democracy and disingenuous. Absurd considering what is at stake.


I think we’re witnessing a little of THE ART OF THE DEAL. Who else but THE DONALD would think of doing what he does best? Managing everything and creating a coalition. People don’t realize that he didn’t create that 10 billion dollar company from donations.

I’d be interested to see if ALL the Republican candidates attended that meeting.


Every time I see another piece of evidence that the GOP Establishment has pushed their non Leftist rank and file far enough to inspire revolt, it warms my heart.

From Ted Cruz telling the truth about McConnell on the Senate floor to several Presidential candidates specifically identifying the GOP Congress as a failure to Trump and crew trying to snatch control of the debates away from the Leftist hacks in the RNC; the closer the GOP Establishment gets to irrelevancy the better chance America has for a desirable future.


(I’m just gonna c&p what I said elsewhere.)

In all honesty, I was at first surprised by who is being invited; esp. Graham. But, on second thought, that’s all well and good.

What’s MOST notable - again - is who is being left out: Bush.

Setting my childish glee aside, this truly is what needs to be done. While I realize that not all candidates/people have some innate “right” to be heard, it is how the media presents itself to the general public when advertising their debates: That the general public has a “right” to know what the candidates’ stances are on several issues, and that they’re going to let the candidates express themselves.
But that’s not what happens. They turn into side-shows, and basic, all-around jokes.

Hey, it was all fun in the beginning, but it’s time to sit down and start taking things a bit more seriously. We are, after all, looking toward the future route of our country, not class president.

No, I don’t recall Ronald Reagan doing the same thing, but if that’s what got us the best President this country has had in decades, please, GO FOR IT!


Music to my ears!!! And it’s things like this that make me refuse to listen to the Doom & Gloomers prophesying nothing but the worst for this country.

Re: the debate. I wonder who they’re going to hire to moderate it.


Hannity, Levin, and Rush!


I have heard those names brought up. Didn’t know if it was rumor, or simply wishful thinking.

I’ve also heard Laura Ingraham’s and Ann Coulter’s names brought up. One, I approve; the other, not so much.


Just wishful thinking. They are who I’d pick is all.


If Limbaugh moderated a debate it would pull numbers like a Super Bowl and be protested like, well everything Limbaugh does!

Imagine how ridiculous the regular media would look after it was over and everyone had seen what these things are supposed to be like.


dittos on that.