Tech Superpower North Korea Says It Will Land A Man On The Moon In 10 Years…


North Korea is aiming to plant a national flag on the moon within the next ten years, a senior official with Pyongyang’s version of NASA told the Associated Press in a report published Thursday.
Hyon Kwang II, director of the scientific research department of the National Aerospace Development Administration, said that international sanctions would not prevent North Korea from launching more advanced satellites into orbit by 2020.

Tech Superpower North Korea Says It Will Land A Man On The Moon In 10 Years… | Weasel Zippers

Now if only he can get the missiles to stay in the air.


When asked how the North Korean would reach the moon, Hyon Kwang II replied “500 of our comrades will stand underneath him, heave him into the sky and he will reach the moon through the power of Juche.”

While several reporters would have liked to ask how the hypothetical cosmonaut would come back home, the press was banned from asking.


Is someone doubting our Glorious Leaders word?


If Kim III would be the astronaut I’d support NASA launching him TO the Moon.


Ah, go for the big bucks. Send him to Mercury.


Putting a man on the moon. Sounds hard doesn’t it? Honestly it’s not all that hard. The hard part is getting them back from the moon. That’s where they may fall a little short.
I do wonder if I’m really hearing the truth about NK. People eating grass to keep alive, many starving, those kind of things. I’ve seen a few of the pictures that have been taken there & they are very telling. I remember one where small children were sitting in a rather nice highway playing. They could do that because there were so few cars. I found that interesting. Oh & of course the executions that happen every now & then. Think a family member is getting to powerful, have them shot. You can do that kind of thing if nobody has guns, right Obama?


I’m sure he’d get a bright, warm welcome!

I don’t think many NoKo’s would want Kim III back. I know I had a one-way trip in mind for him.