Ted Cruz citizenship challenge in court


Bad news for Ted Cruz: his eligibility for president is going to court - Vox

What I found missing from the article was any mention of Obama. So if Ted Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and a non-American citizen father… Isn’t that the same circumstance as Barack Obama, born in Hawaii before it was a US State to an American mother and a Kenyan father? I don’t recall if any of those cases went far enough to be called precedent.


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Bad news for Ted Cruz: his eligibility for president is going to court - Vox

What I found missing from the article was any mention of Obama. So if Ted Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and a non-American citizen father… Isn’t that the same circumstance as Barack Obama, born in Hawaii before it was a US State to an American mother and a Kenyan father? I don’t recall if any of those cases went far enough to be called precedent.
[/quote]IF Obozo was born in Hawaii, which is suspect, at best, he was born AFTER Hawaii became a state. He was born in 1961, and I believe Hawaii became a state in 1959.


I thought this was resolved once and for all. I thought wrong, I guess, so fine, let’s settle the issue once and for all so we can get on with paying attention to more important matters.

[And, jftr, I thought Cruz dad was a U.S. citizen in Canada a work visa. Whether I’m wrong or right about that is irrelevant. His MOTHER was most definitely a U.S. citizen which makes Ted Cruz a ‘natural born citizen’.]

Yikes, I could swear we had better things to do on this planet that beat old, dead horses.


As somebody who’s son was born OUTSIDE the US, I have a bit of personal experience with this.

I’m the US Citizen Father
Our sons mother is a Canadian/Taiwanese citizen.

For our son to be a US Citizen, I went through the “process” (IE, naturalization as opposed to natural born) of getting our son US citizenship.

In taiwan, I completed the “Consular Report of Birth Abroad” and provided an entire binders worth of documentary evidence of my citizenship to the US Embassy in Taiwan. Our son is now a US Citizen. The specific language of the certificate (minus personal details) I provide here.

"This is to certify that:
(Insert name here)
On (Insert Date Here)
Acquired United States CITIZENSHIP at birth as established by documentary evidence
Presented to the Consular Service of the United States at
On (Insert Date Here)

(Insert father name here + date of birth) + (Insert mother name here + date of birth)

Now, 2 things come to mind here. “Naturalized” means a process had to be followed. Had I not gone to the embassy and done the consular report, our son wouldn’t be a US Citizen right now. The certificate says he received citizenship at birth (thus natural born citizen) after being applied for and showing documentary evidence (thus naturalized, not natural born! and anybody that tells me this wasn’t a process is full of crap)

Thus, both camps have their points, and are valid. Even our sons own certificate doesn’t properly say if he was naturalized or natural born properly. Could my son be president? At this point, I’m not really sure. I kinda hope that the lawsuit against Ted Cruz moves forward, because it would lay to rest the answer to that. Is my son naturalized or natural born? At this point, I have no idea. It’s clear as mud from a legal standpoint.


My concern with this BS is with the possibility that the Dems might file a challenge in front of a Dem-friendly federal court judge in Washington DC DURING the general election. Could this happen? I don’t know. However, law suites, even those with no merit, are filed all the time. I would fully expect the challenge to Cruz’s citizenship status to eventually fail in court, but it could take time to fully resolve.

I’ve been concerned about how such a court filing eventuality might impact the outcome of the general election for some time. I’m surprised at the lack of speculation regarding how this could conceivably impact the race. At the very least it would likely dominate the campaign rhetoric to the detriment of talking about the issues confronting the nation.


This statement is not necessarily correct.

His mother would have had to apply for her son’s citizenship, just like I had to for my sons citizenship. There is a process that must be followed. Any time somebody has to go through a “process” to become a citizen, then they are “naturalized” rather than natural born. Our sons citizenship certification both simultaneously shows he was naturalized and natural born, which makes this issue not clear at all. The government KNOWS this isn’t a settled question, hence why the document fails to properly address the question in a straightforward manner.

The fact that we had to be supplied a “certificate” of citizenship, unlike natural born citizens, implies to me our son is considered “naturalized”.


Ok I stand corrected on BO.

At least this is happening now, and it’s apparently a Ben Carson supporter filing, so it can be settled before it’s a matter of a Democrat challenge to Cruz if he’s the Republican nominee. Although in that case I think that some of the rationale behind the rejection of the BO challenges applies.


I think that this is exactly the point that Trump originally made. Personally, I have no doubt that Cruz is a natural born citizen and is eligible to be president.


As a legal layman, I believe him to be eligible to be POTUS as well. However, it is easy to find a Dem appointed federal judge in DC - likely the jurisdiction of a potential filing. If a filing were to be initiated, how would that play out? Beats the hell out of me. My OPINION regarding my personal interpretation of the law/constitution on this issue is of ZERO consequence. It would be up to the courts to dispose of the matter. In the meantime a general election would be in progress.


The fact that your son was issued a certificate of citizenship would be to facilitate his possible future entry into the United States. I don’t see anything that would indicate that he was not a citizen prior to the issuance of the certificate.


This is a peculiar situation. For instance, what if his mother never returned to America? As such, one has to be weary in the future of potential candidates being compromised before they run for office. This would be the absolutely worst case scenario, akin to Kim Philby the former British MI6 traitor (though much worse).


All the cases involving McCain and Obama were dismissed based on standing. Cruz would probably be no different.


Considering this happened, will this case even cover anything new?


Hard to say, AS. Perhaps not. However, if Dems want to push the issue the Illinois State Election Board would not be the final arbiter of the matter - probably not even in Illinois; certainly not nationally…

I seriously doubt a suit charging he is not constitutionally qualified to be president would hold up in court.

However, if such a suit were pending in federal district court during the primary or general it would be difficult to imagine the UNCERTAINTY of the outcome would not have some impact on Cruz’s ability to run a successful campaign. We’ll see.


Facilitate his possible future entry into the United States? We call that a passport, and the certificate isn’t needed for that… You apply for your child’s passport and SSN at the SAME TIME as when you do the Consular Report of Birth Abroad. The passport and SSN is considered a part of the report of overseas birth. Thus we received his US Passport in the same package as the certificate. The certificate has nothing to do with his entry into the United States. It merely declares he is a full citizen.


So when you enter the US with your son and show his passport they are going to say “Whoa! We need his citizen certificate?” I don’t think so. I hate to shock you but this wouldn’t be the first case of redundancy in government forms, paperwork and certificates.


You said:

I said:

So I’m correcting you regarding the certificate being used for entering the US. You’re incorrect.

Then you said:

Didn’t I JUST SAY you don’t need the citizen certificate to enter the US. It’s not asked for, needed, or required. You then turn around and make it sound I said it’s needed and you’re correcting me. Do you always try to do that to people? Talk about a MASSIVE twisting of my words! Unbelievable.


The certificate of citizenship is a superfluous unnecessary piece of government paperwork and has nothing at all to do with your son being a natural born citizen.

I am not trying to twist your words and don’t want an argument.

You and your family have a wonderful day.


Whats, happening, Mike, seems to be, Trump is just putting roadblocks wherever he can. Trump is a man who gets what he wants by whatever means he needs, and he is not above vicious tactics and lawsuits. lawsuit after lawsuit is really what he is known for and this has placed the fear of trump into anyone who seriously opposes him. Now as we all know there are some seriously corrupt courts who will hear such a case as this and rule against Cruz just on principle not caring what the law actually reads. This is what Trump and the democrats will push for.


From the article:

The Circuit Court of Cook County in Chicago has agreed to hear a lawsuit on Sen. Ted Cruz’s eligibility for president — virtually ensuring that the issue dominates the news in the runup to the South Carolina primary.

It’s a Chicago court which means that its an Obama/Trump hit against Cruz.