Ted Cruz just committed political suicide


[QUOTE=RET423;766971][QUOTE=CWolf;766940]And yet Reagan had many friends and allies.[/QUOTE]
Please name these “friends and allies” that Reagan had in 1976 within the GOP hierarchy or the Republican media personalities, you are inventing history; Reagan was HATED by the GOP elected class and the Blue Blood “Commentators” in the media.

I fully understand why Trump supporters would think that attacking a mans wife, father, faith and character without cause should inspire loyalty to the coward that did the attacking but there is NO WAY a man of character could fall on that sword; I feel sorry for the family of any man that would kneel before such a despicable piece of human debris.

If Cruz had endorsed Trump I would have been forced to take back everything I have ever said about him, when he dropped out I refuted everyone that said he would “come around” to Trumps camp because Cruz wears his character on his sleeve; he does NOT capitulate to the enemies of his convictions regardless of how much power they amass or what gain he might experience.

Trump most likely promised Cruz a Supreme Court appointment when he invited him to speak at the convention, Trump probably thought that would buy Cruz’s loyalty because Trump has never met a man (including himself) who was not for sale; he has no illusions now about whether such men still exist.

I am going to Blog about this event because I think it will serve as a benchmark for when Conservatives finally see the light, I will post the exact quote that caused the GOP to start booing Cruz and then the final quote that caused the crescendo to rise; I have never even heard Democrats be willing to PUBLICLY boo such sentiments and I know for a fact that they oppose them.

The GOP is officially a bigger enemy to the United States than the Democrat Party and they were so PROUD of that fact that they could not contain themselves in spite of being on National TV, these cowards were so abusive to Heidi Cruz that the Chairman sent security to escort her out of the building.

Trump is the perfect match for this Party and those who embrace it.[/QUOTE]Trump is a dog’s mess of a candidate. I don’t think he has any beliefs, convictions or policies. He has no roots. He has shrewdly tapped into justifiable anger with one-world government and political correctness. He makes good points, the same way a smart 15 year old makes good points. And I’d be as likely to vote for the 15 year old as Trump.

People who say that Cruz should have in the end supported Trump should answer this: Would it be natural or credible to be gracious towards someone who launches vicious personal attacks against your wife or father? And accusing his father of a role in the Kennedy assassination. He would put Seymour Hersch to shame.


He didn’t tap into anything. WE decided something had to be done. It’s time the American people took back control from both of these lying scumbag so called leaders. If trump does half what he says, we’ll do good. With Hillary, you will continue the downward slide. We cannot take another 4 years of an Obama administration under Hillary. This is your choice. It’s no better or worse than your choices in other election years except this time, WE did the choosing.

You guys need to put on your big girl panties and take a shot of reality.