Ted Cruz: Stop Agenda 21: The Constitution should be our only “Agenda.”


Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate - Stop Agenda 21: The Constitution should be our only


How in the world does Agenda 21 or whatever subvert liberty if it’s non-binding and voluntary, and not a treaty? The U.N. has no jurisdiction in the United States, hence why we and other countries can continue to torture even though we’ve signed a pledge to not torture.


It’s all a push for enviro-extremism and cramming people in cities, and the uniformity of such goals in the laws of the various stages of government.


Yeah, and there’ll be no commitment to actually do it. You think congress is going to give up lobbying money from oil or natural gas companies? Or piss off farmers, one of the biggest parts of this country’s infrastructure?

U.N. non-binding resolutions mean nothing. They never have. Kyoto didn’t mean anything, torture didn’t mean anything, etc.


We didn’t sign Kyoto


Clinton did. Bush UNsigned it.


We NEVER tortured anyone and we continue to not do so.
As for me…I’m with Andrew Klavan who says:
“I think waterboarding Jihadis should be an Olympic event!” **


I’d like people to get waterboarded themselves before they claim it’s not torture. Hannity offered to do it I think, but I don’t think he’s done it as of yet. In any case, if it’s not torture, then how does it encourage the unwilling to give up information after being subjected to it?

Further, not even mentioning waterboarding, we could go into the horrible acts at Abu Ghraib, for which there is some evidence to suggest Rumsfeld was knowledgable and in fact ordered the use of torture.

The actions at Abu Ghraib included rape, murder, and torture, both physical and psychological, including forcing prisoners to masturbate in front of guards, crushing them between boards, forcing prisoners to hold prolonged positions, and sodomy.

And at Guantanamo, we have forcing people to withstand high and low temperatures for extended periods of time, sleep deprivation, physical abuse, food or water deprivation, and forced positions through restraints, with prisoners sometimes urinating or defecating on themselves.

Anyone who says the United States doesn’t torture is mistaken. If you don’t consider these actions torture, you need to rethink your definition of torture. If they provide information from unwilling people through the use of force, it is quite simply torture. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t be giving up information in the first place.

I’ll leave you with this: Christopher Hitchens offered to get waterboarded for Vanity Fair magazine, and didn’t last three seconds before giving up, saying, “Believe me, it’s torture.”

Believe Me, It’s Torture | Vanity Fair