Ted Cruz to Donald Trump: Sue me


Ted Cruz to Donald Trump: Sue me - CNNPolitics.com

Trump, champion of the First Amendment, sends a Cease and Desist letter to Cruz regarding an ad in which a video of Trump speaking his own opinion is played!

As I said before, challenging Trump in this manner is the best way to handle his bullying, especially considering Cruz has a legal background and it is obviously not slander, though it is a dated video apparently from 1999.

One final note, I wonder who the lawyer is who saw the commercial with Trump speaking and said “yep, that’s a clear case of slander, let me go type up this cease and desist letter…” The only argument I could see is that he claims his opinion has changed since then and therefore his own words re not accurately portrayed.


I still have yet to be shown where Cruz lied about Trump. One poster made an attempt at it, but I found no logic or fact in that attempt.


I don’t see where he has lied about Trump either, he has just been “mean”, which Donald doesn’t enjoy (unless he is the one holding the sword). As I said about the lawsuit regarding his place of birth, which I personally would find concerning but I don’t write the laws. Cruz should just challenge him, he should WELCOME a lawsuit. Trump will yell and scream but won’t put his money where his mouth is. I was glad to see Cruz take it to him publicly like this, it’s impossible for Trump to avoid these facts and furthermore it will slow down Trumps bullying.

This being said, Cruz campaign doing what they did to Carson however is offensive. He has apologized publicly, but it was underhanded even if his rational is applied. It wouldn’t take much effort for Cruz and his team to contact Carson and/or his team and firm up whether he was leaving the race or not, regardless of his actions in Iowa.


The video refused to play, but for crying out loud. “Minutia” is what I call this.
Trump contends that Planned Parenthood dose to SOME good. In his mind, handing out information and birth control methods, I guess. (Trump hasn’t specified.)

Cruz IS correct that Trump supports PP. Trump does. What Trump contends is that he does NOT support abortion; especially tax-funded abortion.

Either way, Trump loses this one.
It’s not the government’s job to fund - via our tax-dollars - ANY type of sex oriented education outside of basic biology, if even that.
Period. If it were, I’d vote ALL ‘suspect’ teens and slightly above that age to get vasectomies now. PRONTO.

Have a kid out of wedlock? SNIP! Thar’ she goes!


Sorry it didn’t load for you, it did for me though slowly until it began.

Basically, Cruz showed a crowd the ad and read out the cease and desist letter he received from Trumps lawyers. He then told Trump if he felt he experienced slander for the ad that he go forward and launch a lawsuit.

Was actually a stroke of genius to present this publicly in a conference. Rubio needs to bring some of these theatrics, just a little bit. :slight_smile:


If this is about that stupid ad w/the kids playing w/dolls, Cruz does exaggerate Trump’s view on eminent domain, maybe.
The ad is stupid, Trump is stupid to sue over it, and we’re stupid to allow ourselves to be played like this.

And no, Rubio does NOT need to get any more theatrical than he already is.