Ted Cruz: Trump Voters Support "Evil"


Hisprimary water carrier Beck[quote=Glenn Beck]“God is making sure that every single person, every single voice is being heard this time around. He’s not going to say: ‘Oh well somebody on the east coast did it. Somebody in Florida did it,’” Beck said. “He wants you to know, in Indiana, that you are putting your name down on good or evil, liberty or slavery, you are making the decision.”[/quote]
Cruz further added [quote=Ted Cruz] We are not a bitter, angry, petty, bigoted people. That is not America. I reject that vision of America,[/quote]
Attaboy Ted. That’ll win over all those people you’ve never been able to appeal to.

I further suggest questioning their heterosexuality, and possibly implying their mother spends most of her time working the docks.

Cruz is really a sore loser, isn’t he :howler:


As one who is undecided between supporting Cruz or Trump, I am still waiting for Cruz to explain how he proposes to close down the IRS when his tax reform plan keeps alive the socialist friendly and notoriously evil tax on incomes.


If, by calling a tax indirect when it is essentially direct, the rule of protection could be frittered away, one of the great landmarks defining the boundary between the nation and the states of which it is composed, would have disappeared, and with it one of the bulwarks of private rights and private property. POLLOCK v. FARMERS’ LOAN & TRUST CO., 157 U.S. 429 (1895)


Do you also wonder when Donald Trump will even suggest closing down the IRS while his tax reform plan keeps alive the socialist friendly and notoriously evil tax on incomes?


I have already posted my opinion regarding Trump and tax reform.



I think Cruz was exactly right.

Trump represents evil. Not big-E Eeevil, that of Mister Beeg…but little-e evil, the evil of a stupid man promoted far beyond his competence. The evil of a spoiled megalomaniac without any moral code or self-restraint, given power beyond even what his money can buy.

The evil of a demagogue. Yes, the evil of a deranged Austrian corporal drummed out of the Kaiser’s army…reduced to recruiting for the new National Socialist Party.

(Yeah, and don’t fire “Godwin’s Law” at me, either. That is just another Leftist attempt to stifle speech and communication. Demagogues DO exist; they have always emerged in times of chaos; and I fear we’re seeing a potent one with uncanny mob-psychology skills. Like the Germans did in the 1930s)