Ted Cruz won’t rule out legalization for illegal immigrants


I don’t know what to believe or who to trust anymore?:plain:

“If we put in place a strong E-Verify system and deport criminal illegal aliens, the number of people here illegally will drop significantly, particularly if there’s not a continual flow of people coming in illegally,” Cruz said.

“At that point, once we’ve demonstrated that we can solve the problem, then we can have a conversation about what to do about whatever people remain illegally,” Cruz added. When asked if that conversation included the potential for a pathway to legal status, he repeated, “We can have that conversation with the American people once we secure the border.”

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The same system built by the people who made Obamacare and the Canadian gun registry system (That failed).

A pedigree of failure, and willingness to use technology for dubious things. Exactly what we want in a system where Government controls employment, no?


He just shot himself in the foot.


[quote=“Susanna, post:3, topic:47787”]
He just shot himself in the foot.
[/quote]Well vote for Trump then and cross your fingers and toes.



I’ve been aware of this for months. And I agree with him: mass deportation won’t work, and granting citizenship is unacceptable. Neither are good options for a whole host of reasons. The solution, then, is to give illegals a “legal status” that puts the issue to rest, let’s us know who is here, but also prevents them from voting or receiving welfare. All of this happens after the border is secure. This is also Rand Paul’s proposal.

Of course, Trump has the most boneheaded immigration idea out there: go through the hell of deporting everyone, but then let them back in (with a legal status, not citizenship, to his credit).

Trump Goes Mushy, Incoherent on Immigration - Breitbart

So for all you immigration hardliners out there, you will have to support Rick Santorum, the only candidate who totally opposes any form of “amnesty.”


The “solution” is to make it so uncomfortable for illegals to stay here that they leave on their own and then try to enter legally. Any attempt to legalize the tens of millions of illegal entrants who are here is to give assistance to Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.


The surest way for Obama to accomplish his fundamental transformation of America is to flood America with the poverty stricken and destitute populations of other countries.


Most definitely. Cruz was felt to be a conservative and if he said this he is just another GOP candidate.


He didn’t SAY he’d approve “legalization” of illegals. He said we’d “have a conversation about it after we’d rid ourselves of the CRIMINAL illegals.”


The voice of reason


He said that the first thing is to seal the border.


I did not really delve into the OP but it is obvious the story was slanted to give a different impression than what he said.


Kind of have to wonder what this means in practice. I get the feeling we’ll just end up accepting a modest improvement, as that’s all you can really do as things stand.

The border is porous by nature. Prohibition doesn’t work very well, whether it’s contraband, or human beings. And we aren’t really going to seal the border anyway, because we’ll still want the 80 million tourists we get each year, and to allow Americans to go abroad. Both of these things leave “illegal” entry possible.

If Cruz is savvy, he’ll take the modest improvement, and move onto to the real fix. If he’s not, he’ll simply repeat Bush I and II’s mistakes.


If you don’t support deportation, don’t support the status quo, don’t support citizenship, but are willing to have a conversation after the border is secure, then the options are pretty limited.


If you can’t say “Illegal Immigration” then you are limited to an Amnesty mindset…