Ted cruz


As I now understand it, Ted Cruz quit the race. NOW I have lost all respect for him. I think when trump went after his father, that was the last straw. Trump is proving to be the MOST VILE jerk ever to run.
America will NEVER recover from Obama and now Trump. This nation is trashed.


Maybe the NeverTrump people should have rallied around someone you don’t want to punch in the face ten seconds after listening to him.


So realism is an unacceptable flaw to you?


You have NO idea what you are talking about. But sadly the man is a quitter. No respect.


njc, I don’t see Ted as a quitter, realist YES, quitter NO. Smart guy, money will cease to come in and the overhead is staggering only a loser would hold on to holding on, like Kasich…


He said he would stay in as long as he was viable. The contested convention is no longer a possibility. Senator Cruz put up a good fight but he has done the right thing. Kasich, on the other hand, seems like he will stay in as long as the campaign is catered but I don’t think the media will continue covering him.


Cruz stayed in as long as he could. Regardless, he wasn’t going to win in a general election and the Democrats fear Trump more than him by most accounts coming from the Democratic side.


Cruz could not prevent Trump from getting to 1237 without Indiana, Trump has been winning big in all the extreme liberal states that have a lot of delegates and always vote Democrat in the general; California will go for Trump just like we always go for the most left wing candidate in the Primary so there is just no reason to stay in.

The GOP voters have made it clear that it was not the Establishments Leftist positions that angered them, it was that they wanted to pick the Leftist themselves instead of having it done in backroom deals; there is no place in the GOP for a Constitutional Conservative who keeps his promises so there was nothing to be gained by staying in the race.

Any Party that would choose Trump over anyone else is a Party void of integrity, any Party that would choose Trump when they had a genuine choice to vote for can add wholly decadent to their lack of integrity.

I can think of no universe where I would want to be associated with a group of people who want Donald Trump to be their President, I registered as a Republican just so I could vote for Cruz; I was clearly spectacularly WRONG about who the rank and file GOP is made up of.

We have 2 major Party’s that both speak with the same voice and a majority of the American people have affirmed their support of that voice, we deserve all of the hell that will rain down upon our heads as a result of who we have have demanded be our Leaders.

The only mistake Cruz has made was thinking the GOP was a potential home for his views in the first place, I hope that he exits far more than just this race; the GOP is quite simply no place for Decency, Intelligence or Faith.


Cruz failed because he’s just not a strong candidate. It’s kind of hard to sit through more than 4-5 minutes of a Cruz speech. Trump is captivating. He’s an ass, but he’s funny. He’s interesting. Cruz is boring. He’s bland. This is exactly why he could never win.

This has been predictable for a long time. People were saying “President Trump” by mistake, back in July. No one accidentally says “President Cruz” or “President Kasich”. Why? It’s because it’s difficult for most people to imagine either of these men as president.

If I said imagine a Republican candidate sitting in the Oval Office. Who do you imagine? Trump. Even when there were 17 candidates running and Trump was under %20, nearly everyone sees Trump. Because that’s what feels right.

Trump has a commanding presence that Cruz lacks. Republican voters didn’t choose Trump’s ideology over Cruz’s, they chose the person who best fits the role. No president can run a country. There is just too much to do. What the public has to do, is pick someone who seems like they can understand people, and delegate well. Trump gets people, that is clear. He can size people up, and be aware of their strengths and weaknesses quickly. Cruz has proven to be a very poor judge of people.

I think Trump will do a great job of selecting talent to fill administrative roles. And many of these people won’t just be the exact same people who ran Bush’s administration(as it was increasingly looking like Cruz was going to do).

So Republican voters concluded that Trump is better at managing people than Cruz. A president’s effectiveness is ultimately about their ability to manage and delegate. I think they are certainly correct in their choice.


Trump has never finished a sentence, much less communicated anything captivating; the idea that Cruz was boring after 4 minutes might have some merit if the guy who WON had ever put even 2 minutes of coherent speech together.

Trump is an idiot, a liar, a Statist and a spoiled brat; these are apparently attractive qualities to the GOP Base but that is a reason to disassociate oneself from them, not a reason to become a Trump voter.



It’s time to think of the next step.

Had we more time, we should be working towards an Article V Convention of State Representatives.

We should, anyway…but I don’t think it can happen in time.

Seriously…States and patriots within the sovereign States, need to be ready for the EMERGENCY lever. The EJECT button.

State Secession.

NOTHING ELSE can keep the morphing Federal Police State at bay. War is coming; we can keep it at state boundaries; or we can have Federal jackboots do house-to-house searches for political documents, guns, gold, hoarded food…and, as these things tend to have happen…young women.

De Nile is not a river in Egypt. We need to face facts and be ready.


Would that be the guy who Trump hired to keep track of his vehicle registrations who failed to register Trumps plane for 9 months and getting it grounded on the campaign trail?

Or maybe the guy Trump hired to understand the delegate selection process in the various States?

Or maybe the mental giant that Trump put in charge of coaching him on what the KKK organization stands for?

Or how about the superior intellects that Trump hired to explain Imminent Domain to him?

Or the crack Trump research staff who told him that Planned Parenthood “did many great things for women”?

Or maybe Trumps exemplary choice in foreign policy advisors who concluded that Israel and Hamas were morally equivalent?

We can’t forget Trumps hand picked “Newspaper of record” the National Enquirer who he was confident in citing today as he implicated Cruz’s Father in the JFK assassination.

But maybe you are referring to Trumps sentient choice of economic advisors who have concluded that Protectionism is the path to prosperity?

Or maybe Trumps brilliant fiscal team that has concluded that our taxes are too low so we need to raise them on the “rich” and tax the people through tariffs on foreign goods?


Cruz assembled one of the most efficient campaigns in history while Trump cried about how “unfair” it was that the Cruz team planned ahead and had their act together.

NOBODY who voted for Trump did so on the basis of his great judgment in hiring good people and delegating responsibility, they wanted an Extreme Left Candidate that would bully his agenda into existence without regard for the Constitution or whether this Republic even survives.


If he fought on longer, it would only sour people’s memory of him. There’s no point in that.




Drink Brawndo! It has electrolytes!


I see now that Kasich is out. Things get interesting from here.


Will Cruz now ask his supporters to vote for Trump?

If he does, I imagine it will take a couple of days. If Trump has any shot at all (a long shot at best), he is going to need every vote


Pffft, since Trump secured the nomination, then the establishment WANTED Trump. It didn’t want Cruz, so Cruz never would have had the “votes”. If the GOP Establishment had actually wanted Cruz, they would have made sure the machines picked Cruz. They didn’t, so end of story really… Cruz knows this. Bye bye Cruz…


No, Ted Cruz does not hate this country; Ted Cruz wishes the United States no harm.