Ted Kennedy Secretly Asked The Soviets To Intervene In The 1984 Elections


Ted Kennedy Secretly Asked The Soviets To Intervene In The 1984 Elections



I know, the left will immediately run off to politifact but before you do … check out the following from 2009.


Unless the whole KGB MEMO is fake (why would the RUSSIANS want to besmirch Kennedy now?), this is just yet another example of how the left are huge hypocrites (yes, the right is not entirely innocent . . . but are rank amateurs when compared to the left).

@csbrown28 once posted a reply to Susanna:

about people in the “internet generation” NOT being Conservative.

I hope he’s right, and when these folks take over the Democratic party (which the millennial component is doing right now), it will be the final nail in the coffin for that party. It will be nothing more than a powerless joke full of lunatic fringe liberals. Ted Kennedy would be proud of them . . . they’ll continue his legacy.


Hey BobJam, in the diagram you reposted, I guess FG stands for Federal Government, but taxes and borrowing don’t come from the same reservoir, so what does “PS” stand for?


Bob’s not really posting it, that’s CSbrown’s (the person he’s quoting) avatar image:

And my guess is that PS is Public Spending, and that it’s a restatement of Brown’s ideas on MMT, where he’s trying to make the case that the Feds spend money into existence.


Sort of like YOU try to make the case that illegals “create” money for our economy, AS?


You mean the State Comptrollers office in Texas, whose the only one (I’m aware of) to make such a study?

Immigrants, even illegal ones create more money in the economy than they take in Government benefits.

This is an absolute fact; as they have a >90% worker participation rate.

If they were getting everything they needed in benefits, why bother working? That’s what welfare rats in Chicago do.


To reiterate what AS said, the image you are referring to is csbrown28’s avatar. Ask HIM what it is.


Now that I see csbrown28’s avatar blown up, I can see it’s not the overhead projector I thought it was. I always wondered,“Why in the heck does that guy have an overhead projector as his avatar. What does it mean?”

Now I know.

BTW, it’s irrelevant what “reservoir” is used . . . brown is just a tax and spend, tax and spend, tax and spend . . . rinse, repeat kinda’ guy.


PD, Slim, if you want to debate immigration, take it to the immigration sticky thread; that’s what it’s there for.


Nobody is trying to argue “immigration” here. I merely pointed out that AS insists one thing about government here and an entirely different thing on a different thread.


Yet you brought it up?

Because you think the Government and the economy are the same thing?

Which is what a Soviet or a socialist would think, I might add?


And you continued it. We’ve been getting too many threads hijacked by the immigration issue, so if you (both of you, or anyone else) want to continue the immigration angle, take it to the immigration thread; that’s all I’m saying.


Few thoughts.

As the obvious “Liberal” here let me just say I was never a fan of Mr. Kennedy. I lived in Massachusettes for 20 years, so I know who he is.

In so far as the claim that he attempted to conspire with the Russians.

  1. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, but if you accept your link as evidence, then you have to accept the reames of evidence again Trump. You can’t have it both ways.

  2. The link to the evidence cited in the link you posted purporting to show KGB papers is broken:


  1. I’m not your average “liberal” and there is much I disagree with people you assume are on my “side”.

  2. Having said that, if everything you claim is true, what he did was wrong.

  3. Does what Kennedy did or what Trump allegedly has done/ is doing amount to treason?

I think the term treason is used loosely in a colloquial sense and a literal sense. I’ve never accused Trump of Treason. The evidence isn’t out, but I can see how people on both sides have used the “T” word to describe Trump and Obama.

As far as Kennedy, I’d be happy to evaluate the evidence and call it as I see it. Unfortunatly, there isn’t much in the link you’ve provided.


PS stands for “private sector”.

Here is an article with more detail if you’re interested


Seriously gave me a good laugh…Thanks

If you think that’s what I support, we seriously need to talk more as that is not my position at all. I challenge you to find in any of the numerous writing here where I contend that we should tax to pay for spending.


What “reames” (sic) of evidence are you babbling about. There is NO evidence that President Trump or anyone in his campaign “colluded” with the Russians to disrupt our election and defeat Hillary. Nobody’s TRYING to “have it both ways.”


If citing the story in the OP meet’s the criteria of “evidence”, yes, there is lots of evidence. I know you aren’t aware of it because of the right-leaning bubble you exist in, but there is lot’s if you care to look.


Do you think, then, we should borrow to pay for spending? IOW, spend all we want, and pay for it by borrowing.


Tell us . . . was there a Soviet document found where Trump, like Teddy, asked the Russians to intervene in the election to insure Hillary was defeated?