Ted Strickland (D-OH) Jokes About Justice Scalia’s Death ....


Ted Strickland (D-OH) Jokes About Justice Scalia’s Death, Says "It Happened At A Good Time”

Yuck, Yuck!
(Now … anymore dirt on Trump?:popc1:)


Strickland is, ostensibly, a Christian minister.

He’s also from Ohio. And something very, very sick has happened to that state since I left it. It’s my home…but I can’t see myself going back, ever.


I will NEVER believe that Scalia died of natural causes. If you just look at the agenda that was on the table before he left on his hunting trip to say his death was timely would be an understatement! He was MURDERED!


Actually I can believe this.

I’ve seen a lot of death in the family. Everything from the agonizing decline from a series of strokes, to one car crash and several cases of the Big C.

With the elderly, especially, it’s not that uncommon to just go to bed, feeling, not sick but not very well, and not wake up. The time between 0300 and 0400…the Witching Hour. In those asleep, body temperature and other functional activities, hit their lowest…almost a torpor. Those who work night-shift…they’re yawning and fighting sleep even if they got a full eight hours’ rest during the day. Even if they’ve been on a regular shift and sleep regularly during the day.

It’s the time of the day when most deaths of natural causes, occur.

I am not saying it COULD NOT have been a killing, but if it was, it was done neatly. Because this was in keeping with what can sometimes happen.

I think the final test is to see what’s happened since. There have been no contrived demonstrations or frantic Party machinations to quickly name a replacement.

THIS death appears natural. That of others, such as Breitbart, obviously are far-more dubious and should have been closely examined.


It seems VERY suspicious that his family requested NO AUTOPSY. I can think of no rational reason for making that demand–especially in a State that REQUIRES one for any death not attended by a physician, and in a State with the most competent medical examiners in the world.


A lot of religious sects have issues with autopsies…view it as desecration of the body.

I don’t know anything conclusively. Just saying there’s other explanations.

Moreover it’s highly unlikely the FAMILY would be in on the murder plot, absent any issue of money or the estate.


No, don’t think the family is in on it at all BUT, my father, retired from the military in '62, died in '77 and the GOVT demanded an autopsy, in fact we did not have a choice, we were not asked. I cannot fathom that a sitting SCJ the govt would not demand if not require an autopsy.


Twice I have turned down an autopsy. In both cases the individuals were in the hospital when they passed.


In PA, any unattended death requires an autopsy.


That’s just it. Laws vary from state to state and in some places even county or city laws enter into it.


I was very aware of the medical history of both people and was involved through the years with taking them to the hospital.


I think any in-hospital death is considered “attended.”