Tell them to kiss my backside..."


Paul LePage, Maine’s new governor is not known for his tact. He was asked to attend an event to celebrate the MLK holiday next Monday. LePage declined the invitation, citing other plans, and the NAACP complained. When asked about their complaints, LePage answered in what is coming to be known as his trademark style. Speaking to reporters Friday morning, LePage was asked to respond to suggestions from NAACP members and others that his decision not to attend ceremonies honoring Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. were part of a negative pattern.
“Tell them to kiss my butt,” LePage said with a large smile, according to video by WCSH6. He then added: “If they want play the race card, come to dinner and my son will talk to them,” a reference to his adopted son, Devon Raymond, who is black.

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Personally I am so tired of the race card being used for any excuse to demonize someone. The fact that in most cases there is absolutely no valid reason for doing so just shows the dishonesty of those who hurdle it as a weapon when they find fault with others views or actions.

I have seen to much of the call of racism being used to justify vitriol speech.


I have been saying for a long time that this needs to be our response when Communist’s make ridiculous allegations.

Very refreshing to hear a politician refuse to play the game and give these evil monsters the respect they deserve, none.


I say the same thing when liberals/democrats/commies clainm that I’m a bigot and racist.

I live a more diverse lifestyle in one day than most do in a lifetime.


That’s so awesome that somebody is willing to stand up to the NAACP.


I’m anxious to see if the new Republican house members will dance to the left’s “P-C” demands.