Tenatively Back?

Hello, dear friends, again I must reintroduce myself lest folks forget who I claim to be. I am recovering from my seventh heart attack and also just finishing my second book to, hopefully be published within weeks. I am back to almost full activity and maybe, just maybe, I’ll spend more time here if and when I get this new format figured out.


Just found the new format this morning myself; still trying to figure it out.

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Same here, Fantasy Chaser. Very glad to see the site back up and it is a small price to pay in learning the proper navigation. Hope we can get all of our former posters back and lots of new good ones.

Welcome back and my goodness!!! Stop having health issues. Tell your doc you want that cure-all pill he is hiding.

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@njc17 welcome back! you’re an author? can you share your 1st and second’s titles or ISBNs?

Welcome back, njc17! Glad you could make it.

Glad you’re back, NJC. May I make a suggestion? PLEASE quit having heart attacks!

Great to have you back. I know who you are. So sorry about your heart attacks. I am really hoping you are feeling much better. Congrats on the book. I was active again in the spring for the first time in a long time, and I took off the summer, but I am also back now.

I’ll spend more time here, too, if I can get a hang of the format. It is SO confusing for me, but I know I’ll get the hang of it. Feels like a completely new place. :slight_smile:

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The First Book is the “Layman’s Commentary and Study of the Gospel of John” found on Amazon
The second Book is the “Layman’s Commentary and Study on the Three Letters of John” which should be in print through Amazon within three weeks.

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Fantasic! I want to share this with more members and get a copy for myself!

Thank you Republican Chick 1, I appreciate the comments. You say you know me, do I know you? I really can’t remember. so jog my memory!!!
I am feeling better, and hope to get back to full strength but I am going to turn 76 this year so —better as compared to what?

RO ADMIN; Thank you so much for those comments and how lovely to want to share the book. It is a thrill to me when others do want to read stuff I write. I had been sharing the lessons I teach with others who were teaching the same thing. So as I wrote a lesson I would Email it to them and they used it. I recently shared the teachings on Romans with two others who were teaching it.

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I may be crazy, but I thought I’d see how it goes. I’ll see if I can fathom this new system.
njc17, I am glad you are feeling better. My prayers remain with you.
OK. What’s up?

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Tiny, How wonderful to see you again!!! I guess we are BOTH up!!! How have you been feeling?

njc, I have been worse. Been kinda tough on me, as I had a bout with my heart, a couple of months back. Doing a lot better now. Had some pvc’s one night, and had to go get checked out. Said I had a low hemoglobin, high BP, and a bit anemic. Also, was badly dehydrated. Took some fluids. Felt much better.
But, I have a couple of leaky valves, and that is causing a murmur. Not dangerous, yet. And, to top it all off, I have fluid in my lower lungs. Pneumonitis, I think he called it. Gave me antibiotics.
But thanx for asking.

I can understand that, Mine is the opposite where I have blood pressure that is low. It was avg 80/50 but we did adjust medication and now stays about 110/60. I also have fluid around the lungs which we use medicine to drain it off. Just the joys of a mal-functioning heart, I guess.

Mick Jagger said it best.
"What a Drag it is getting old."
Well, I am glad you got “stable” as if “stable” is ever used to describe either of us. Do what they tell you, within reason, and try to remain as healthy as possible. Maybe we’ll see a few more Christmases with the grand kids/great grand kids.
Have a nice day, njc.

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Hiya, Tiny! (Fill in because it says post must be 20 characters instead of four…)

Welcome back NJC, and Tiny!

You probably don’t remember because, because I haven’t posted much in the past few years. I pretty much just know you by name only from this site! I’ve been a member here since 2008, so I’ve been around for a while, but it’s been a long time since I was heavily active!

Also 76 is still very young! :slight_smile: