Tenatively Back?


@RepublicanChick1 You are unforgettable. How could you even think such things?


I do remember you as a poster, I’ve been here for quite a few years and have seen a lot of changes to Republican Operative. And thank you for referencing 76 as young, hopefully , as long as the battery in the pacemaker stays charged I can continue to stay’young’. That is pretty much what keeps the heart beating is a battery and computer chip. Other than that the heart doesn’t work on its own any more.


Haha Thank you!! I don’t know…I feel like most people besides FC and Susanna don’t really remember too well. I did dip out of here for quite a long time, so it’s understandable. Glad you seem to recall me lol


Yes! SO many changes to RO have happened since I joined in October of 2008. So many changes have also happened in me since then as well. Can’t believe a year from this October will be 10 years I’ve been here. Feels like I’ve lived a few different lifetimes in that amount of time. ha.

From the sound of it, it seems you are forever young, even though you may rely on a pacemaker. Still a great device and I pray you have many amazing years ahead :slight_smile:


I try not to concern myself with youth in this life; because “when we’ve been there ten thousand years bright shining as the sun,” we’ll STILL be young!


Wow; I hadn’t remembered that you were here for that long; I only joined about a year earlier, and RO started up about a year and a half before that.


Yes! I cannot believe I have been apart of RO that long either. We have both been here quite a while! Brings back such good memories for me of when I first started here as an active member - at a time in my life that was difficult and becoming more so. I am glad that as my life has changed, some things remain a constant, like the fact that I can check in here from time to time and be greeted by people I have known almost a decade!


I reccomemember you!


My father wore a pacemaker for his last 20 years, NJC. His only complaint about it was that it didn’t have a gear shift on it. When he need it to go faster, it wouldn’t. The year before he died, I called him one Saturday when he’d said he’d be home. He didn’t answer–and I called him at least 10 times throughout the day. I finally called my brother, who lived nearby, and asked him to drive down and check on Dad. Around 8PM, Dad called and said, “WHAT?” I told him I’d called him all day long and he said, “Was that you?” I asked why he didn’t answer the phone and he said, “I’m not getting down off of the roof to answer a phonecall!” (Dad never had a cell phone.) It seems he was up on his own roof putting down new shingles…at age 84! Carrying them up the ladder, too.


I definitely reccomember you too! :smiley:


Sorry for not responding earlier, FC, but I have been a bit under the weather, and Irma coming has complicated my life, a bit. Hope all is well. How’s your Mom?


Hey, Devilish one. Sorry to be so late, but lots of things happening right now. Thanks for the welcome.


We’re holding together. Mom’s still on, when her modem cooperates with a passable connection speed.

Hope you feel better soon. For Irma, hide under a Clam…


Our son in Clearwater weathered it very well. He’s back in his apartment now and even has electricity back! He sent my wife a package of seashells he’d picked up on the beach, but I don’t think any of them were CLAM shells.


If it had been a genuine Magnaclam, Irma would have wet her pants…


For some reason I have missed a lot of posts in this thread. I hadn’t seen any from @Tiny1. Glad to see you back, and hope you’re able to be around a lot. I’ve had a hectic summer - a hectic year, in fact - within a year’s time, I’ve lost 3 brothers and a brother-in-law. My “baby” brother just passed away yesterday evening. He was only 75.


Susanna; Great to hear from you. I trust, physically, you are doing well, I am almost back to normal and hope we can keep any more heart attacks at bay. I am back to busy, busy, busy, trying to get book #2 published, started book #3, and keep writing more and more Bible lessons, plus my Architect practice has ramped up again. I am on a little more here, but have not totally gotten the hang of this new format yet.


I’m doing pretty well, all things considered. Just a little more crippled up with arthritis.


Thanx Susanna.
Lots going on for us too. Sorry to hear of your losses, and may God Bless and Keep all concerned. You and yours are in my prayers.


I never met anyone who survived thart attcks! The good Lord ;must have some precious work for you!