Tenatively Back?


CT< I have had a total of seven Heart attacks, gone through a complete heart failure for which I wear a full time operating pacemaker, I now have seven stents and with this last heart attack two balloonings. It is amazing how cardiac technology has advanced. These last balloonings and stent were done through the main artery in the wrist and almost as an outpatient.
So by the Grace of God, a tiny battery and even tinier computer chip, I am able to keep going.


Agreed. I’ve only had ONE actual heart attack, but I have 8 stents, three bypasses and a replacement pig valve in my Aorta, but am going strong. I tried to convince my cardiologist that I was Muslim and needed a different valve, but HE is Muslim (Pakistani named Abbas) and didn’t buy it. :sunglasses:


Glad you are back, hope you stay and that all will be well, my thoughts and prayers are for you…


I have friends who are convinced that pot (marijuana) is a cure-all for everything, including cancer and heart attacks. I’m not convinced.


Me neither.


Neither are a lot of professionals.


It’s pretty much past the pale that it helps with epilepsy:

Argument enough to allow medical access, and more studies to see what else it can treat.

Studies we should have done decades ago.


Not to mention economic development and infinite tax revenue to prop up government agencies who appear to believe that revenue should be infinite.

To be fair, I did find some pot outside my house this morning washing my car and mowing the lawn.


What’s the law on it in Oregon? (That is where you live, iirc?)


It’s legal to grow it, have it and smoke it. (I think there’s a limit on how much you can have and grow, but I’m not certain and dunno what the limits are). Recreational marijuana outlets are regulated by the state Liquor Control Commission, which sells liquor only through state-owned stores. Medical marijuana requires a card that costs $200 or so based on a doctor’s prescription. They don’t pay the 20 -percent tax, 17 percent to the state and 3 percent to the cities, which also receive a portion of the statewide tax revenue.And honestly, except for a couple times two summers ago, we just don’t encounter pot smoke. It cannot be smoked in public. A couple of summers ago, some piece of crap in the neighborhood was smoking it, and the stench was everywhere in the neighborhood and in the house on a couple of different days.


Well, I don’t have too much problem with that except for the state owned monopoly on distribution.


And the hefty tax on a legal product. I’ve always hated the “legalize and tax the snot out of it” argument. If it’s legal, it oughtn’t be treated any differently than anything else – same goes for the booze tax, cigarette tax and junk food taxes that are becoming popular. That’s separate from any discussion about whether it ought to be legal.


If I may ask, when did Oregon start to broadly shift to left-wing ideas?


Until last election (Secretary of state), it hasn’t had a Republican in statewide office since the 1990s. Republicans before that were “moderates.” Seems to me to have really shifting hard about the same time as the owl, 1989-90, but it did go for Bush II in 2004, and Gordon Smith was a “moderate” Republican senator in the 1990s. Since Bush II, it seems like it’s been competing with Seattle and California for progressive of the year awards.


I blame Portland.


NutJob is actually the hidden leader of the left in Oregon, so blame him (~grin~).

Seriously, because he is so MELLOW and tolerant, NutJob is one of the few that can survive among these loonies in Oregon.

Most of us would have checked out of the place a long time ago


I like where I live, but leaving is highly on my mind. Got a few roots in place though, and it ticks me off that the socialists have had so much success. Just gotta time it right, find a place to go and a job.


Geeezzzz , . . uprooting yourself, with all the hassle that involves, just because these morons have “taken over the place” has got to be pissing off even the most mellow.

IIRC, you’re a photographer . . . freelance? Self-employed?

In any case, good luck. Do you have your eye on another location?

You know what? . . . just PM me if you have a response. Don’t want to derail this thread any more than I already have.


Several IT jobs in New Orleans right now.


Hehe, I’ve no IT experience and know just enough to break my computer real good!