Tennessee judge goes on tirade about crime among black men being 'more effective' than KKK


Below: A Black Man Under The Hood



Did it ever occur to anyone else that the KKK was an organization formed exclusively by DEMOCRATS and wasn’t in the least confined to the South? There was a time in the last century when the largest contingent of KKK members per capita was in INDIANA! There was also a time in SEVERAL States where one could not possibly acquire a nomination from State Democrats without the ENDORSEMENT of the KKK. Democrat President Woodrow Wilson was an ADMIRER of the KKK and probably a sub-rosa member. He often claimed that “Birth of a Nation” was the greatest movie ever made…a chronicle of how and why the KKK was formed. It was HE who officially segregated the military services by race…a policy that endured through several Democrat Administrations until Harry Truman partially–and Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower completely–reversed it. There was at least one Democrat-appointed Supreme Court Justice who was a member of the KKK and we ALL know that long-serving West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd was a “Grand Kleegle” in the Klan…an official recruiter FOR the KKK.

The Clarksville judge is right, by the way. More black men have been murdered by other blacks annually than were ever killed by the Klan throughout its history. BTW, the Klan ALSO lynched WHITES who had the temerity to become Republicans and be public about it. That’s ONE reason why the South seldom had Republicans in public office. Few people were willing to risk the Klan’s wrath by running against Democrat Klansmen for elective office in the South until after the Klan was virtually eliminated and it became “safe” once again to admit to being a Republican in the South without fear of violent retribution.


Yes. And the truly shocking thing is how successfully modern Democrats have rewritten history to the extent that KKK is routinely hung on the necks of Republicans.

For example, President Trump is routinely denigrated as a racist, white nationalist, alt right, KKK loving conservative. Based on his words and actions, nothing could be further from the truth, yet the lie persists.

The only Republican I’ve ever heard of that was in the KKK was David Duke, but he was actually a Democrat when he was in.


David Duke ran for office as a Republican for the SOLE purpose of hanging his KKK past ON the GOP. He was NEVER a real Republican…not for an instant.