Terri's Story


The problem with the God haters is they want proof they can see or touch. They want God to appear in the physical realm and say, “Here I am.” It doesn’t work like that though as God just may not jump when they say jump. But, where is the burden of proof? With whom does it lay? Atheists and God haters have not proven nothing exists. They have not proven there is no higher power. Prove God’s not there. Should I have to prove electricity is not there or should someone have to prove it is? We can’t see it. We can only see manifestations of it and the result of it working. Speaking of which, as I can’t show you a photograph of God, I’ll write about a manifestation of His work.

I was stationed in Germany with the army from 1988 to 1990. My wife and I hung out with several friends, most of which were in our Bible Study group. Chuck, a sergeant in the unit, was one of our best friends. I remember, it seemed, almost every day he was talking to a female in our unit named Terri. Terri was a Satan worshiper and always dressed in Gothic clothes, black lip stick, jet black hair, white face paint, etc, when she was off duty. Her language was always hateful and vile. Yet, she seemed drawn to Chuck and several of us and didn’t mind engaging in discussions and debates about religion. She kept it somewhat civil and was fairly respectful, although the mention of Christ was often cause fidgeting or a twisted look on her face like she was getting angry or uncomfortable.

Any time any of us saw Terri, we would say hi to her. There were times she saw us first and would go out of her way to say hi. Her interest in talking about religion continued, but she insisted she was in the right and Satan would be the victor when everything was said and done. Yet, we all began to see a change. A lot of her vile language began to slowly melt away over time and there were acts of kindness, but not a complete 180 degree change. For example, in order to respond to an attack on the base, several people had to be on “lock in” duty after hours and they weren’t allowed to drink. They could go anywhere on base, but had to sign out on the board at the desk anytime they left. They were not allowed to leave base for any reason. We drew this duty every so often and usually at the end of a long work day, so as we were allowed to do stuff, we weren’t allowed to go home if we lived off base. Again, this as to ensure there were enough present and sober to respond to an alert or attack. People often tried to give away their lock in, but it was hard to do so as it was very undesirable.

One time I had lock in and my wife was 8 and one half months pregnant. We were so nervous she would go into labor at home and I would be stuck on base all evening and through the night. She was really upset and emotional. I assured her everything would be alright and she took a cab to our apartment. About an hour later, someone said I had a phone call at the desk. I thought it was my wife. I nervously went to the desk and took the call. It was Terri. She said, “Do you seriously have lock in?” I told her I did. She said, “Even though **** (my wife) is pregnant and about to give birth any day?” I told her I couldn’t find anyone to take it for me. She replied, “Those &#)&@, I can’t believe they would put you on lock in and no &W@+#@ would take it.” I told her I tried to get someone. She replied, “This isn’t right. You need to be f… home with her. What if something happens? I’ll take your lock in and you go home and be with her.”

Some people would focus on Terri’s language during this conversation, but my wife and I and our friends focused on the act of kindness. Some of the rough edges were still there, but there was a change occurring and I will never forget this kind act. A few weeks later, we say Terri walking down the sidewalk coming from the mess hall and she was off duty. She had on casual but nice clothes, natural red hair, no Gothic look, and was happy as could be. The face lines and angry look were gone and she was smiling. Chuck said, “Wow, what’s up with your hair? I didn’t even know that was your real color. Where did the black hair and Gothic look go?” Terri said the way she looked was an outward manifestation of the way she was, but she changed and wanted her new look to manifest the joy she now felt. Chuck asked what joy. Terri replied, “Do you remember how you all talked to me about God? I became a Christian.” She said at first she felt Satan’s anger at losing her and letting her go and she would get violently sick and vomit. She said she kept asking the Lord to deliver her and instantly she felt better, felt relieved and filled with joy. Chuck asked what prompted her to become a Christian. Terri said when she asked about God and engaged in our conversations, we were all kind to her, and with kindness, Chuck was not only kind, but very informative and took so much time with her. She said she felt touched and wanted what we had.

The God haters have textbooks for proof of their claims and Christians have stories like Terri’s.