Terrorist will now get terrorize the courtroom


The Army psychiatrist charged in the 2009 Fort Hood shooting rampage will represent himself at his upcoming murder trial, meaning he will question the more than two dozen soldiers he’s accused of wounding, a military judge ruled Monday.

Fort Hood suspect to represent himself at trial | Fox News
hooray for these terrorist trials



That said if he insists on representing himself this trial ain’t going to last very long, nor is the jurdge/jury likely to be merciful when all is said and done.


The trial will be a farce


Yeah, a jury and a judge are going to go soooo easy on him.


UNT - that’s what I find most outrageous - that this terrorist thug will get to examine and even perhaps cross-examine his victims - those that are still living, of course. The second most outrageous thing about this case is that, even though there are witnesses all over the place that observed him slaughter his unarmed victims and he was shot and taken into custody in possession of the murder weapon and has admitted to the massacre, it has taken nearly 4 years to get him to trial. Finally, when this is all said and done his trial and his comments during the trial will no doubt serve to incite further animosity and hatred in the ME. It will probably be a circus.

In a very real sense this terrorist gets to terrorize us yet again. There has to be a better way to proceed in such cases while ensuring a fair trial.

Of course, he will be found guilty - the evidence is overwhelming. But, it is all the pain and suffering and BS, including providing him a world stage upon which to perform, that will be so harmful. Will he receive the death penalty? I doubt it, but if he does many on this site won’t be alive when the plug is pulled on this piece of feces.


They wouldnt be merciful if he used a lawyer, but a lawyer might actually try to defend him. Hasan has no plans to mount a defense only to terrorize his victims even more and spout his hate islamic BS. As long as we decide to hold these goofy trials terrorist will want to be captured alive so they can use our own system against us to hurt us even more.


Whatever happens the media will benefit most.


If that’s the case, this trial will be over even faster. No judge worth his salt is going to let a terrorize preach in his courtroom.