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Ironically, the ship gets hijacked by the OPA (riffraff outer planet/Belt “colonists” who hate inner planet people), and used as a warship to fight off the aliens.


But the ads for the Mormons were hilarious:


I’ve seen some really interesting arguments about colonizing Venus. It has a gravity closer to Earths. It’s closer to Earth and it’s much easier to make oxygen there.

Of course, colonization would be in the clouds about ~50 miles above the surface where the temps are closer to Earth, but with the density of the atmosphere, you can float a LOT of weight using hydrogen gas for bouncy. Hydrogen would be safe there as there is little to no oxygen for it to catalyze with.

Apparently, the plant spins at about a walking pace (240ish day orbit IIRC) so it would be reasonably easy to maintain a stationary orbit (relative to the sun) in the atmosphere in order to keep the habitat’s solar cells in the sun.

Just a sample of video’s on the topic https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=colizie+venus

Had you head about this at all…Thoughts?


You may be to the point where your system works well for you such that you see no need to change, but there is a really cool extension for Chrome (and maybe other browsers I’m not sure called Dingo web collector… Sounds like what you’re doing but built into your browser. It’s how I keep track of stuff…


It was salvaged by the OPA! I guess after Holden talked Fred Johnson into stealing it and using it to try to stop Eros. So I suppose you’re right :stuck_out_tongue: I like some of them OPA.

You read it or just watching the show?

hehe :slight_smile:


Huh. I see things all the time where I think of a thing I read and wish I could find the link. Maybe should check it out. Doesn’t matter a lot of the time though. Half the time, the source is an unacceptable lying liar.


I really hate lying liars that lie a lot


If it were presented in a novel, I’d read it. (Actually, I did read it. But Ben Bova didn’t make cloud cities.)

But what’s the motive? Because it’s there? I could understand that, a little. But I wonder if the motive is to escape Earth before global warming melts the ice and floods NYC, and makes daily temperatures be a few degrees warmer than now.

Grief. How could Earth ever get nearly as bad as Venus?! How could the CO2 on Venus ever be as low as the maximum on Earth? How could the sulfuric acid in Venus’s atmosphere ever be as low as the maximum in Earth’s? How could any colony away from Earth ever be better than the worst of Earth?


I don’t believe that the motivations for moving to another planet are solely based on fears of global warming. For the record, I believe that no matter how bad it get’s here on earth it will, for the next several millennia be a better place to live than either Mars or Venus.

Establishing footholds on other planets are about discovery. Think of all we could learn. Necessity is in the mother of invention and thinks of the kinds of necessities that would arise under those situations.

As far as CO2 levels, I’m not aware of anyone that has ever claimed that CO2 or another other substance on Mars or Venus would reach the same levels here on earth. I’m not even sure that’s possible. Venus and Mars have atmospheres made up of about 95% CO2. That’s why the surface of Venus roasts at 800F and Mars, despite its distance from the sun, stays reasonably warm. Earths atmosphere, on the other hand, is less than 400 parts CO2 per million (that’s a fraction of 1%).

The biggest challenges on Venus are, as you mentioned, the sulfuric acid content of its atmosphere and one you forgot to mention, the incredible winds peaking at 300mph…

Another possible, albeit remote, danger that we face come from comets and asteroids. Having footholds on other planets makes it possible to avoid something like that, but I can’t imagine that even if we started today that we’d be ready to leave earth for 200-500 years.


well yes lol

The desire to colonize other planets long predates global warming politics.


The high temperature would be another.


The Temp about 25 miles above the surface is 80-100F