Test Baloon: Re-Establish Marriage By Re-Establishing it's Source.


I had not given much thought to this particular aspect of the situation until now.

As I recall, from the Bible… Marriage was very carefully approached. Getting Engaged was like getting married… Yet I am getting off-track.

My initial thoughts are, what if Marriage was only handled by Religious (Especially Christian) institutions?
It would eliminate the legal status, but make it a religious only institution.

Among pagans… Handfasting was used, the customs were different. But if marriage was reestablished as a religious only institution based upon where it originated… Could this be the answer? Why would people who do not uphold God’s law want to defile marriage anyway unless this was the original plan?

Something to consider… I figure if there are enough people to debate it, we can take this to the debate forum. This is only an initial post to see if there is interest in changing how marriage is viewed in this country.


Marriage is both a religious sacrament and a civil contract. Expanding the civil contract to include gay couples can only strengthen the institution. And the First Amendment guarantees that a church can establish its own rules regarding the religious sacrament.


There’s been some support here for getting marriage out of the hands of the government. I haven’t taken a definitive position on the issue myself.


If the states and feds remove any tax status associated with marriage, there should be no reason for it to be recognized by law whatsoever/


…and yet the GOVERNMENT has “established it’s own rules” regarding marriage. Get the government the HELL out of marriage…period. It’s ONLY function should be to record marriages as part of public information and then only to duplicate church records in case of a fire or other disaster.


Of course, millions of folks weren’t married in a church, and have no desire to set foot in a church. The need for marriage as a strictly civil contract remains.


Then tell them if they want their marriage recognized, to get them hence. Simple.


Culturally conservative libertarians warned Republicans that if the government did not get out of marriage, it would be redefined. Prediction: accurate.