Texas A&M Professor says white people may have to be killed


Tommy Curry is a professor at Texas A&M. Curry teaches “Radical Black Philosophies” and “Social and Political Philosophy.” He advocates “Critical Race Theory.” This is a black nationalist version of Marxist Critical Theory.

Among other things, Curry says that black people should talk openly about murdering white people. In a youtube interview, he says that the murder of white people may be necessary for “black liberation.” Further, he suggests that white people need to fear blacks so much that they believe “death could come for them at any moment.”

Currently, interracial murders in the USA involving blacks and whites are extremely one-sided. Most are black against white as it is. What Curry seems to be talking about is a planned mass murder on a large-scale. Curry is highly active on youtube and has many other anti-white diatribes.

Texas A&M Professor says white people may have to be killed – Narrative Collapse


If black people start killing whites indiscriminately, then guess what will happen? The reverse will happen, and it will wind up as practically black genocide.


this is already happening…matter of fact…it’s been happening for the last 50 years. The cops say nothing cause they didn’t want to be called racist. The democrats and repubs said nothing cause they want the votes. Other races have paid the price for this silence…whites, blacks, Asians, jews.


Name: Curry, Tommy J
Institution: Texas A&M University
Title: Associate Professor
Work Department: Philosophy & Humanities
Office Phone: +1 979 845 5660
Address: Texas A&M University
Philosophy & Humanities
4237 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-4237
Email Address: tjcurry@tamu.edu

Name: Young, Michael K
Institution: Texas A&M University
Title**: President**
Work Department: President, Texas A&M University
Office Phone: +1 979 845 2217
Address: Texas A&M University
President, Texas A&M University
1246 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-1246
Email Address: PresidentYoung@tamu.edu

Ltr from the President of A&M


young’s letter is remarkably vague on who is committing the hate speech…don’t you think?

How many conservative profs have been fired for so much less.

I mean…there is a double standard here.


Its our current problem in the US: Accusing a black person of bigotry, unheard of, blacks cannot be bigots, only those who fall into the “white supremacy” crowd.

IF you fire a black, they you are a racist and you must prove you are not!

As the govt goes so goes govt contractors, so goes corp America! MLK the holiday, started in the govt. I saw it in the mid 70’s. Where is Joe today, he is off for MLK’s birthday, BUT its not a holiday! Makes no difference, if you take action against him he/she will file a EEO complaint against you, that will be in your perm record, no matter the out come…GOT IT. I watched it spread like wildfire across the govt with only a few coming to work that were black. Congress made it a holiday to justify it and keep the rest of the workforce from screaming.

Say anything about BLM looting and burning and you are a racist. Mr Young is in a real bind at A&M, which is a rather conservative school. He can’t fire the guy or be labeled a racist by the fake news crowd.

Dunno if you read one of my recent posts but I used the example of publishing a draft regulation across the Army and DoD and it become the standard before it was even approved or adopted. Point being the power of the pen can move mountains and more. Now we have fake news on Trump all day which is more lies than truth, so the lie becomes the accepted truth! This is exactly what propaganda is all about, publish the lie over and over again thru wall the outlets and sooner or later it will become the “ACCEPTED” truth!