Texas church shooting leaves many dead




Some of the vile comments on FOX News …


Apparently churches in Texas are legally a “gun free zone”. I was surprised a gunman could shot every single person in a church without return fire, in Texas.

See below


Not according to this:


From various sources (Of which I am posting the link where it was first reported) new information:
(It is not clear if the photos shown are the guy but the name and background are supposed to be correct according to CBS!?)

Texas Church Shooter is in Southerland Springs, TX is Identified as Devon Patrick Kelly



He looks like a crazy person. So seems fairly legit.


“[Kelley] assaulted his stepson severely enough that he fractured his skull, and he also assaulted his wife. He plead to intentionally doing it.”

How did he get a 1 year sentence for fracturing an infant’s skull!?


For the same reason that Bergdahl was given NO JAIL TIME for desertion…a liberalized military court system and an incompetent military bureaucracy, fostered by Obama’s policies.


Also, I seem to recall a member of the Navy who merely took a picture of his work station on a nuclear sub to show to his family was given FEDERAL PRISON time for doing so, yet a man responsible for 6 military deaths goes free with a reduction in pay.