Texas cops salute George Floyd's gold coffin as it's carried to

Texas cops salute George Floyd’s gold coffin as it’s carried to front of Fountain of Praise church for private ceremony

So cops all over the country are kneeling and saluting this newest martyr?

May I remind everyone that He, George Floyd held a gun to the belly of a pregnant woman while his ‘friends’ ransacked and robbed her in her own home?!

If anyone is waiting for me to say: “Poor George, He didn’t deserve to die!” …

I say: “It should have happened when he threatened the life of the pregnant woman and child!”

I have not heard this story. They have used the same term they used for Michael Brown, “the gentle giant.”

That “gentle giant,” who weighed 300 pounds and was solid muscle, roughed up a store owner to begin his evening. At the end of the evening he charged at a policeman who weighed a lot less than he did after Brown had tried to take the officer’s gun. That’s when he got shot.

Now the news media dredges up that story with more lies in it, like he was shot in the back. The autopsy showed no such thing.

The news media should be charged with inciting a riot given their coverage of this mess. I sick of the hearing about this story.

Anyone else find it mildly ironic that the caissons and carriages carrying Floyd’s body and the horses pulling them are snowy white?

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It wasn’t ironic. It was obscene.

What the hell is wrong with these police. Antifa/blm same thing… kill cops…assassinate them, loot, burn, pillage. CHarge them with crimes for doing their jobs. The criminals have won…they’re the martyrs. Cops have become the problem. Well…we’re gonna see what a problem they are when they are no longer there to protect you from the criminals. Good luck with that.


Black is racist.

The police are trying to keep peace with the Black community. The trouble is you are dealing with Black Lives Matter, which is a Marxist hate group. Nothing will please them unless there is a revolution and all of the property and income is redistributed.

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Appeasing them will teach them that rioting, looting and arson are how you get what you want

Yes, the members of Black Lives Matter has learned that rioting and looting is great way to get what you want. Along the way they have dispirited the police, which makes their actions even easier.

This can’t go on forever. Even if the liberals take charge of everything, which is a distinct possibly, even they will have to put the hammer down eventually. Every revolution ends with an authoritarian leader who puts an end to the chaos.

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Or we could do it. When is it gonna be enough.

Mike Flynn says there is a small minority who are trying to take over this country and run the rest of us. So what do we do other than re elect The President…and I WILL shoot anyone trying to break into my house. DOn’t doubt that.