Texas got it right....again!!


I have a feeling we’re gonna hear a lot of wranglings about this! I have to say, though, that I give this governor a lot of credit! You Texans, is he a good governor??

‘Merry Christmas’ bill signed by Texas governor Rick Perry


Christians values under attack while some schools are promoting Mexican holidays and even Muslim holidays. It will be a matter of time when schools will be told they have to provide breaks for Muslim prayer.


That depends on who you ask. the libertarians and the hardcore exclusionary tea party hate him but the rest of the republicans love him.


What mexican holidays are there?


Cinco de Mayo? There’s also a big Mexican holiday that I think occurs just before Christmas–maybe St. Nicholas’ Day–but it is a big deal in Mexico. Kids place their shoes outside before bed and the next morning the shoes are full of treats. I don’t have any problem with schools teaching different cultures–but not to the exclusion of Christian culture. That is what I find objectionable.

What is a “hard core exclusionary tea party”?


The only people in mexico that celebrate it are the people who live near where that battle took place. Its mostly an American holiday, an excuse to eat tex-mex and drink margaritas

What is a “hard core exclusionary tea party”?

The people who think one of two bad votes or differences in positions disqualify you from being a conservative. They constantly take people that were championed as members of the tea party and toss them directly into the RINO pile.


[quote=“UNTRugby, post:4, topic:39828”]
What mexican holidays are there?
[/quote]I don’t know but it seems I read some where in the past there was a school celebrating Mexican holidays.


Yeah, like Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich, and Rick “Vaccine” Perry.

Tea Party people from the beginning…not!


I hope such a bill is redundant…I mean I’m against forcing religion upon another but saying ‘Merry Christmas’ isn’t exactly what I’d call forcing religion upon someone. I’m far too Californian and too non-conservative to make a good judgement on Rick Perry for his other policies but I’ve some family and friends in Texas, they seem to have a mildly-positive view of him.


Well thank you, Robert! I always appreciate an honest man! (or woman)


I’m with you. This seems like a useless law used only to make a statement. Saying “Merry Christmas” is already covered by the first amendment.


I am so happy you made a thread about this bill CT. Rick Perry, I am so happy you signed this bill to put sanity back into a place of insanity!


For a teacher in a public school, the first amendment is practically useless if a teacher is interested in keeping his/her job.


If a teacher gets fired for saying Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Easter, Happy Ramadan, etc., than something is seriously wrong with that school district…