Texas retailers to sue Austin


Austin continues to be an embarrassment to the great state of Texas. I hadn’t even heard about the ban but I had to go to Austin yesterday to go to frys electronics and found out about it. Frys was using free paper bags but they told me that other stores were charging up to 50¢ for them

A group representing Texas retailers is suing the city of Austin over a ban of plastic bags that is set to go into effect March 1, claiming the ban violates the state’s health and safety code. MyFoxAustin.com reports the lawsuit claims that Texas’ Health and Safety Code forbids local governments from enacting ordinances that restrict or prohibit use of containers or packages like plastic bags

Texas retailers sue city of Austin over plastic bag ban | Fox News


Austin is my favorite Texas town, Amarillo is second. Austin has some of the best roots and Country music coming out of it. The Derailers hail from Austin. The Continental Club, La Condessa, SXSW Music festval…Boy do I love that town.


It’s becoming more common around here for people to bring their own grocery sacks to the store. I have some at home but I usually forget.