Texas to attack Canada


Winter storm watch for
Saugeen Shores - Kincardine - Southern Bruce County continued

Winter storm threatening overnight and groundhog day.

Snow and blowing snow from the winter storm approaching from Texas are expected to reach these regions on Wednesday…With significant snowfall amounts possible.

Weather Warnings - Environment Canada

All this because Texas is jealous that we are bigger than they are. :biggrin:


Hey you aren’t the only one who has a weather machine. :stuck_out_tongue:


Poor Texans, they don’t even have winter coats.

Will Algore attribute this to global warming ??

Stay tuned.



Not to be a naysayer, but I don’t think Texas is jealous of anyone…

We were discussing Texas pride the other day in the office…


Pride. Hmmmmm. :biggrin:

We don’t really mind. This will be the first snow day of the year. The kids are looking forward to it. I will probably “work” from home.


The word “jealous” doesn’t even appear in our dictionaries. :rofl:

Texas pride is a hard thing to explain for me. It is something that has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. I will never move from this state. I love her to much.


Just to let y’all know, I actually like Texas. I’ve been there a couple times for work and enjoyed myself immensely. Super friendly people.


Well, go visit Austin. Get to know some of the lefties that are going to be taking over the state. Then you can go to El Paso and see the future…

I loved Texas, Houston specifically, then the tech boom happened and all the damned liberal yankees started moving in.
I guess I’d still be happy north of Tomball.


I know you were just playing around. We are super friendly until you mess with our cows or dog. And don’t touch the hat…

It is the same in Dallas. I can’t stand all the democrats in Texas. Tryin to turn us into California. Over my dead body.


Elmira Viking:

All this because Texas is jealous that we are bigger than they are.



Haven’t you watched any westerns? Those red long johns and a duster are all they need! John Wayne didn’t even wear the duster much.


Liberals are like a zombie virus.

They go to a place like California because of the prosperity.

Then they vote all their ideas into place and turn beautiful cities into crime ridden, crumbling slums.

Then they move out of the cities into the outlying areas that are “nicer/safer”.

Then they vote all the same crap into existence out there and ruin those places.

Then with the whole State in shambles they flee to a place like Texas that still has some prosperity and they start all over again.

The State they leave is as dead as a bunch of zombies.


Wow random post. :rofl: