Thank The Lord And Write The Check

Not looking for help here like I was on my other thread. (sticky tiles)

Just wanted to share some pictures with you folks of my new parlor and dining room floors!

Brazilian Cherry 4" x 3/4"

All bought at Lowes and installed by a Lowes contractor.

Simply beautiful wood floors (Where carpet use to be) and a Great installer!
(hence … the check) :beerchug:

I have the one picture (2nd row from bottom) of my parlor floor with the old carpeting and at the (top center) with the finished wood flooring.

The wood is actually a darker rich (red) color than what I could get to show with my cheap camera … (not to mention amateur pho-tog skills! 8)
Not light in color at all!

The pictures show some before and after as well as during installation shots!

There was ‘Absolutely’ no way I could have done this job … especially when it came to the bay window and coat closet areas! holy sheep

(Ya know … I probably should have asked the installer if he would mind doing my lady friends ‘sticky tiles’:biggrin:)

May I suggest that you right click on the url and open the pictures in a new tab or window?

(Heck of a time getting back here once you stroll through the pictures if you don’t!)

New Floors Photos by brwvabell | Photobucket

Very nice!


Nicely done and the wood is beautiful.

very good.

Thanks Everyone!
(Only wish I could say that I did it):rofl: