Thank The Lord For 240 Second Blessings.

I had a most enjoyable breakfast this morning consisting
of one large pleasingly ripe banana laid out on a large
square gleaming white plate.

Over to the left of the :banana: was a 3 ounce pool
of pure Sue Bee clover honey.

Just below the beautiful pool of honey was a pile of
Jiffy Peanut butter (4 Tablespoons piled into a small
peanut butter mountain.)

Honey On A Plate ↑ … (Looks good … is good … good for you

Off to one corner of the big plate was a small pile of
nutmeg/sugar. (You place ½ teaspoon of nutmeg in
a pile and then add ½ teaspoon of plain table sugar
to the pile and then blend it together. You can add
more or less sugar to suit your taste.)

I use a long handled pickle fork to slice off a "round"
slice of banana. I then lay the banana round on the
plate and fork up a tad of peanut butter and add it
to the banana round. You’d be amazed to discover
just how good those two ingredients are when eaten
together. Both peanut butter and bananas are very
creamy and when added together the human palate
is overjoyed … lol …

I slice my bananas exactly like this ↑

As this process is repeated I occasionally and alternately
add honey to the fork of peanut butter and banana.

I don’t mix my bananas and peanut butter like this ↑, but one
could do it that way, bet it’d be good too.

Often I will “pat up” some nutmeg and sugar for an extra
special flavor mixed in with the peanut butter, honey,
and banana.

Beverages? I make a very small espresso cup full of
Folgers Black Silk Dark Roast coffee. I make it strong
too. One heaping tablespoon of the Dark Roast to
6 ounces of water. I put exactly 6 ounces of water
into the Mr. Coffee maker. This will produce about
4-5 ounces of actual coffee. True because you lose
some of the water to evaporation via steam and
also the coffee grounds will soak up some of the

** Now for the 240 second blessing: **

• I keep 6 of Libby’s finest 24 ounce glass tumblers
in the freezer all the time. This morning I took a
frozen glass, put in 2 ice cubes and then slowly
poured ½ a 16 ounce bottle of already ice cold
Sprite Zero into the frozen glass to be sipped
and enjoyed with my aforementioned delightful
breakfast. I glanced at the clock when I began
because I wanted to see how long my “frozen
blessing” would last. It lasted 240 seconds
(4 minutes) in my warm breakfast area, before
it lost all of its “frozenness.”

I paused to be thankful for those 240 seconds of
enjoyment and I was, and still am, very thankful
to the Lord for the little things, the small blessings
and small pleasures of life. I pray to the Lord that
He will help me to never take His little blessings
of life to me, for granted.

Concluding cheerful note:

You remember I mentioned that I only poured ½
of that ice cold 16 ounce bottle of Sprite Zero
into that frozen glass. Can you guess what I did
with the other ½? … Hint: The hint can be found
on the line with the •


I use only a long handled pickle fork to eat all that up

Looks exactly like this one ↑ … cool tool to eat with, tis.

Good looking flatware makes one’s meals more enjoyable.
When serving food, what they call the “presentation” is
a large part of the eating pleasure ↓

♫ ♪ ♫ ♪


In the OP I mentioned Libby’s 24 ounce tumblers.
Here is what they look like:

They are Libby’s finest and they are not cheap, but they are bulletproof. Made
using a special process they are very difficult to chip or break. I bought 12
several months ago and we have yet to even chip one and we are rather
rough on glasses. My wife says I am a threat to the survival of her kitchen
… lol … I do stuff fast, like when I help her with the dishes (once in a while)
I jerk and snatch her chinaware around like it was a 25 cent Walmart glass.
We have fun … “You’re a bull in a china shop” says she. “Yeah, but I have
not broken a glass in the last three days”, I grin.

Anyway, if you love tough heavy durable glasses and don’t mind paying
about $6.00 a piece for them, you can get this blessing of 12 of Libby’s
finest right here:

Case of 12 for $79.98 Free S/H ($6.67 per glass.)
(as of 2/19/2015)

Opps, better deal: Buying Choices: Libbey 15645, Duratuff Panel Tumbler Glass, 24 Ounce (15645LIB) Category: Iced Tea and Soda Glasses
Right now a case of 12 for $40.93 + $16.50 S/H Total $57.43 ($4.78 per glass.)


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Gotta watch out for the fake honey: How to spot real honey from the fake | Green Prophet

My wife will only buy local. It costs an arm and leg, but you can’t skimp when it comes to honey.


Thanks for the tip about the honey.

We buy our honey from Sam’s Club, Sue Bee Honey, in 5 pound bottles, like this:$img_size_380x380$

Its really good. Hardly ever reverts back to sugar and on the occasions where it does, I sit the entire
bottle in a pan of water on the stove top and put the setting on Warm and let is sit there for 4 or 5
hours and presto! I have pure un-granulated honey once again.

My sister used to buy honey from a friend - in fact, one of my high school classmates. But he died a few years ago, and I don’t know where she gets honey now. I haven’t had honey in my house in ages.

My father used to keep bees. Most of our honey was buckwheat honey, very dark and very strong. But once in a while, we’d run into a pocket of white clover honey - absolutely clear, no color at all, and delicious!


Life goes much better with honey. Seriously. You really oughta start sampling some Sue Bee Clover Honey.

You can get a bottle like this at most any large food store for about $6.00

At Sam’s Club you can get 5 pounds of it for under $20.00,0,0,387,679_PIbundle-6,TopRight,0,0_SX387_SY679_CR,0,0,387,679_SH20.jpg

I eat some honey almost every day … this morning for breakfast I had:

• one slice of French Toast

(soaked, before pan frying, in a mixture of one egg,
2 tbs. milk, 1 tbs. sugar, one teaspoon of nutmeg …
fry the French Toast in a non-stick pan with ½ tbs.
of butter or Smart Balance.

• One slice of smoked bacon

• one tablespoon of peanut butter placed upon my gleaming white square plate

• one tablespoon of Sue Bee Honey poured in a pool upon the same plate

• one espresso cup (2 ounces) of Folger’s Black Silk Dark Roast

• one 16 ounce bottle of Sprite Zero poured into 24 ounce frozen glass.

It was very good.

♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

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