Thank you Panthers

Looks like we are on the verge of President Romney. The Panthers beat the Redskins 21-13

The Washington Redskins on Sunday take on the Carolina Panthers in a must-win game as they try to inch closer to .500 rather than fall to 3-6 and virtually out of playoff contention.

But, the fate of the free world also is riding on Washington’s outcome. If history holds true, a Redskins victory would mean another four years for President Obama. A Redskins loss would mean a victory for Mitt Romney.

You may have heard of this. It’s called the Redskins Rule.

Since 1940 — when the Redskins moved to D.C. — the team’s outcome in its final game before the presidential election has predicted which party would win the White House each time but once.

When the Redskins win their game before the election, the incumbent party wins the presidential vote. If the Redskins lose, the non-incumbent wins.

Will Redskins Rule again determine outcome of presidential election?