Thank You, Ronald McDonald House and Associates!

I want to make it a point to thank Ronald McDonald House Charities in general (and particularly of Atlanta and Gateway House) and all of their corporate partners, local partners, sponsors, and volunteers for providing my niece and her daughter with housing, food and utilities while my great niece rehabilitates from a fractured skull and concussion (suffered in an atv accident). The following all deserve my special recognition: this is corporate America at it’s very best! (copied from the Gateway House website):

[COLOR=#333333][FONT=georgia]Greater Atlanta McDonald’s Operators Association[/FONT][/COLOR]

The Coca-Cola Company
[LEFT]Georgia-Pacific LLC[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Golden State Foods Foundation
The Home Depot[/LEFT]

Peace River Citrus Products
Rotary Club of Buckhead
[LEFT]SK Project ConsultingRonald McDonald House Charities, Inc.Tempur-Pedic

Though it is a very serious injury (6 inch fracture, she spent two days in ICU) my great niece (Baby Girl) is expected to make a full recovery. She all ready*** seems ***mostly recovered, and is getting back up to her usual hi-jinks after 8 days. She will have to be carefully monitored to prevent her from over-stressing that fracture before it heals. If there are guardian angels, she must be causing them nervous breakdowns by the battalion!

I should probably also thank the doctor at the small local hospital (who’s name I don’t know) that made the call to have Baby Girl airlifted to Egleston. I don’t know how necessary it was, but Egleston is a damn fine facility, and has a great staff from what I saw. It’s network, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, is ranked 12th nationally, so she is in very capable hands.

So, if you have occasion to stop by McDonalds, any change you might toss into the the RMHC bin really does go for a good cause. Ronald McDonald houses are almost always filled to capacity.

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Mom has often mentioned my young cousin who had a bone marrow transplant at Pittsburgh; her parents stayed at the Ronald McDonald house there.

Glad to hear your niece is recovering so well, Qix! AND that your niece has the wonderful accommodations of a Ronald McDonald House. They are incredible with what they provide, and are one of the charities well worth anyone’s donation.

I don’t often go into a McDonald’s, but if it does your heart any good then it’s worth saying that if they’ve got a RMHC there on the counter, they get my change.

Best wishes, Qix!

Thanks 2cent :slight_smile: It could have been (and very nearly was) so much worse.

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