"Thank you" tally

That is a very cool word. I think you coined it, which makes it even cooler [Nerd + Rage].


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[quote=“Jack_Hectormann, post:21, topic:42720”]
That is a very cool word. I think you coined it, which makes it even cooler [Nerd + Rage].

[/quote]it’s been around awhile :wink: Lots of nerdrage in the MMOs.

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I have seen alot of it in STO.


Jack, your proclivity toward irrelevant rants notwithstanding, I’ve gradually come to appreciate you as one of the more thoughtful posters I’ve ever encountered who obviously takes the time for charming quality responses (however much I may disagree with 99% of them). By the time you have 75,000 posts on this site, I will appreciate the significance of that as far as it being a serious investment of your lifespan. Meanwhile on the other end of the spectrum there are members who primarily just blast one line zingers and then can be seen recently commenting proudly of their 10,000 post count.

Contrary to what you just said, having a higher post count absolutely doesn’t make someone a better poster and in some cases I think it encourages some people to be worse posters. What you just said would make sense if you were advocating dropping the post count and ONLY having the total likes because that would be a tally of something at least marginally meritorious.

Ah those acronyms! :smile:

With a little help from Mr. Google I’m gonna take a guess [and it really
is a guess] that MMOs refer to the Star Wars Massive Multiplayer Online.

Whether I got it right or not, I really ought to get into playing that stuff,
but I’m skeered I’ll get hooked. I know for a fact its addictive.

Years ago** I even got hooked on Mrs. Pac Man. Honestly I did.**
I’d sit and gobble up them dots for hours. Just think of the righteous
war-addiction there’d be in wiping out “Darth Vader” and a whole
galaxy full of bad guys and I could feel morally good about it too :slight_smile:


Speaking of “wiping people out”, the wife and I watched Solomon Kane
tonight, well at least on fast forward. There were human heads being
sword-lobbed off shoulders one right behind the other. 30 minutes
into it, I said to the wife, “These people are not happy campers” and
I put it on Fast Forward and after awhile started skipping chapters.

I finally skipped to the ending just in time to see Solomon “do the right
thing” and thereby save his soul from the devil. That was nice.

Solomon Kane Movie Trailer (2012) - YouTube


That’s one, Jack, but that one is dead. Star Wars: The Old Republic is the current Star Wars MMO. Lots of nerdrage in that one too, prolly more than in STO (Star Trek Online), which Seravee mentioned.

For your acronym book, I play STO and SWTOR most of the time. I fiddle around in BSG Online a little and NW and CO once in awhile. I also occasionally race in NFSW. But I’ve never played WOW. And mostly, I play the Darth Vaders of those games :wink:

[quote=“Jack_Hectormann, post:25, topic:42720”]
Whether I got it right or not, I really ought to get into playing that stuff, but I’m skeered I’ll get hooked. I know for a fact its addictive
[/quote]Yeah . . . me too. I have a touch of an addictive personality . . . I think everyone does to some degree.

However, my hat’s off to anybody, perhaps Seravee and RwNj, who can restrain themselves sufficient to function in reality. And, perhaps for Seravee and RwNj, it isn’t even a matter of restraint. Maybe they can take it or leave it, and it’s not really an addiction.

I’d like to think that I myself would be able to take it or leave it. But I just don’t want to take the risk, when the downside is robot behavior that would absorb me totally, to the exclusion of ANYTHING else.

I don’t think it would go that way, but I don’t have a burning desire to find out. For me, it’s a case of . . . “DON’T EVEN START!!”

(And yes, BTW, I ALSO was absorbed by pac-man. I remember I used to get rolls and rolls of quarters, and sit at a console for hours, and be crestfallen when I heard that ominous spiraling down sound that indicated you had gotten eaten. Fortunately, I finally said to myself, “Self . . . while you may be improving your eye-hand coordination, what in the heck good is THAT going to do you?” That was especially pertinent, since I was no longer drawing much enjoyment out of it, but continued to do it because I guess . . . I WAS ADDICTED.)

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It’s been days since I shot a Jedi or Feddy Bear. I’m going into withdrawals.


I could see the “Likes” count as a learning aid. If your posts start getting more likes, you are probably doing something right.
I don’t see it as an ego thing, but I see some might perceive it that way. Either way, it’s a little tidbit that adds depth to the forum.

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I used to have a “3D” version of PacMan (or similar to PacMan) on my computer. You couldn’t see what was around the corner. It wasn’t a nice flat screen, you could just see down the corridor you were in. It was kinda fun, but it was made for a slow computer, and eventually, even the lowest level got too fast for me.

Goodness, I just had had something weird happen when I made that last post - wish I’d done a screen capture. It said something like "You have chosen to open applet (name blank) on RO. Do you wish to (run, save)? I chose X!

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I love playing games. It is a hobby for me. I find that games and movies are just animated/interactive stories. That is why I play them and watch them. As for MMOs though that is a little different. They focus more on player/player interaction which is in its own way rewarding. As for them being addictive, they are but I am a very fickle person most of the time. I can never stick to one thing. It is the reason I have so many hobbies…to many hobbies.

We will see about that…Klingone.

Gov, its humanly impossible to touch everybody’s mind all the time.
One man’s “irrelevant” and “rant” is another man’s “relevant” and "discovered blessing."
The members of the human race are at widely varying levels of maturity and wisdom
and they simply ignore what they find inconsistent with their present levels.

I think a seed sown in a man’s mind in the year 2014 may not sprout up for years.
Then one day it might sprout and bear very good & beautiful fruit.

Then this: If I believe a person needs to hear “irrelevant”,
then I gotta present it to them. Remember just because
you see it as irrelevant does not mean it actually is.

Thank you for the kind words Gov, I appreciate them.

:grin: I think ya ought to “revise and extend” that to (say) 80% of them.
I don’t believe its even possible for a normal human being to disagree with
99% of the stuff I write, I’m just not that radical.

Okay I’ll take that as good positive statement from you and again say thanks, and then add the following

Its a good thing to try and help other human beings to come to know the truth as we believe it to be.
When one spends his life doing that, its never a wasted life.

In my opinion we can best do that by putting true-germ ideas in front of people. Ideas that will stimulate their
minds to go in search of wider truth extensions of those true-germ ideas. You cannot tell people what to believe,
they strongly resent that …

… but you can put the germ of the idea within their minds so they will, on their own, pursue the wider
area of truth that was stimulated by the germ idea that you placed within their mind. This is basically my goal
in writing posts, and I never worry about my success-failure ratio, I leave that in the hands of the Sovereign God
who clearly said that His word would not return to Him void, but would accomplish exactly that which He sent it
to accomplish. I mention that because “All Truth Is God’s Truth” and not just and only Bible verses.

Btw, the solutions to human problems are quite simple. Sin … the Sin Principle … working within the fallen human intellect
is what makes things hopelessly intellectually complicated. Just for the record, you WILL NEVER find the answers you are
looking for in the area of Secular Intellection. Secular Intellection does not have even the potential to bring you happiness
or intellectual satisfaction. We human being are primarily spiritual creatures, not primarily intellectual creatures, the 21st c.
has lied to you.

You have a point about the “one line zingers.” However, imo not much that can be done about that though, here is why:

(1) It is hoped these type posters will improve as time goes on. Improving people is one reason a posting board exists in the first place.

(2) The 21st c. has produced a large number of what amounts to “adult babies” and a significant number of them head straight for the web.

(3) As long as the “one line zingers” do not break the forum rules, they are in order.

Btw, not trying to be overly argumentative here, nonetheless its true, "One man’s “one line zinger” is another man’s “small nugget of truth.”

I guess we’d have to carefully analyze each specific “one line zinger” to decide if it was or was not actually a “zinger.”

You are right about that if we do not qualify the word “post” and assume that the poster wrote the post intending to make a serious
contribution to the collective human understanding of the subject. Admittedly this is a subjective call because humans disagree about
what is or is not a “serious contribution.”

But you are wrong about that if it has been established that the poster’s intent is to make a serious and reasonable contribution to the
collective human understanding of the subject, and here is why you are wrong:

The man with 1500 posts that made a serious and reasonable 
contribution to the collective human understanding of serious 
subjects has done a better thing than the man with only 50 
posts that made a serious and reasonable contribution to the 
collective human understanding of the serious subjects.

You ought to get in the habit of posting positive agreement 
when conservatives score reasonable points. I just made a 
very reasonable point.

I'll be looking for a :yeahthat: from ya!

Should I hold my breath?

.. lol ..


It would if we’re talking about a steady stream of true “zingers”, but I honestly don’t think we have any “zinger only” posters here.

And I don’t believe the Admin. and mods would allow a “zinger poster” to ring up 10,000 posts of nothing but [or mostly] “zingers.”


♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

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Goodness, that really is interesting RWNJ.

The 21st c. offers so much that is genuinely interest-grabbing that I don’t have time to go after all the stuff that I’d find truly fascinating.

I sleep 8 hours a night [thank the Lord I sleep like a baby too] and I pack the remaining 16 hours with an endless variety of music and movies
and family get-togethers and me & and the wife at the mall [coffee and doughnut time] … and writing posts here at RO, and writing in my
notebooks, and collecting Images and collecting more music and more movies.

Then there is yard work. I hate yard work. I used to love it, but Yard Work and I are thinking about getting a divorce … lol … I have a really
big front and back yard and the Weeds hate me and have been plotting against me for the last few years.

Oh well …

♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

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:grin: Pac man. I use to destroy joy sticks playing that dumb game, I put to much pressure on the joy sticks [trying to escape the ghosts] and they died an unnatural death.


[quote=“Jack_Hectormann, post:35, topic:42720”]
:grin: Pac man. I use to destroy joy sticks playing that dumb game, I put to much pressure on the joy sticks [trying to escape the ghosts] and they died an unnatural death
[/quote]I remember seeing “your type” at the gaming tables. The pac-man console would rock and even move. Some of those people were so focused that it was like a “life or death” situation for them.

I would get like that myself, but rarely. Most of the time it was in the back of my mind that, “This is only a game”, and getting too focused would usually bring that thought forward.

The old pin-ball machines used to have a “Tilt” mechanism to where if you rocked the thing too much it would just go into “Tilt” mode and shut down. But I don’t remember pac-man consoles ever doing that. Of course, I rarely rocked them much, so maybe that’s why I didn’t see it. But I never noticed “your type” having that issue either.


Yes depth, like a latrine perhaps?

[quote=“Gov101, post:37, topic:42720”]
Yes depth, like a latrine perhaps?
[/quote]Really? Weren’t you just weighing the obnoxiousness of Rand and Ron in some thread or the other. Where would you rate your obnoxiousness? Perhaps you see obnoxiousness as a virtue?

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BobJam @ 36,

And me putting undue pressure on the joy sticks is 100% psychological
’cause they’re only gonna do what they can do, and I kept 'em maxed
out North. S. E. W. all the time anyway.

Btw, I’ve lost track of all that stuff, I don’t even know if they use joy sticks
anymore, for all I know joy sticks might now be like “LP Records” or “VHS Tapes.” (?)

:diamonds: :diamonds: - :diamonds: :diamonds:


2 joysticks! Twice as much to break, Jack!

Although if you take them on with the righteous fury of a pac-man addict, they will survive only a couple minutes.