Thanksgiving frustrations


Many people go to relatives for gatherings at Thanksgiving and one complain I have seen through the years are those who come who never help prepare the meal or clean up. There are the family members who are supposed to bring a dish and never do or after saying they will be there do not show up.

The last time in my family was when family members showed up and barely touched their meal and then ran. This was particularly erroneous because food preparation was geared to this person’s favorite food.

As for the cleanup, I always stayed to help for that but there were always those who thought they did not have to help.

I am sure others have their thanksgiving misgiving with relatives.


Most folks just don’t appreciate…

I have no family, my wife has no family in the US, we arrive early to help out, bring more than asked and stay late to help clean up or do whatever…Just glad to have a place to go…


Yeah I have blessed with a HUGE family on both my side and my wife’s side, everyone is pretty great to spend time around and the few exceptions don’t stick around long.

This year will probably be a fist fight though, I am sure many will try to take my new Granddaughter away from me to hold for awhile and that is NOT COOL :firing::no::smack::fuming:


I spring for the feast, every year. I do this willingly, for selfish reasons. You see, I am quite a decent cook, and picky about proper preparation. My family, not so much. so, I tell them that if they have a dish that they are very fond of, they can bring it. But, I make a wide variety of traditional dishes, as well as some more exotic choices, that I like. So, I am never disappointed.
However, I EXPECT everyone to help clean up. I use Chinet plates and disposable cups and utensils, foil pans and paper napkins, to reduce the dishes, and put trash cans around for easy disposal.
Also, the leftovers are all mine. See, I told you I was being selfish.