It is with pen in hand and tongue in cheek that I present to this August body my 10 things I and many other Right thinking Republican have reason to be THANKFUL FOR IN 2017…

  1. Donald Trump is President.
  2. Hillary Clinton is not.
  3. Republicans allegedly have control of the HOUSE & SENATE, although this is yet to be proven.
  4. Comedian AL FRANKEN has egg on his face…let’s see if he laughs this one off.
  5. AL SHARPTON has crawled back under his rock.
  6. California might be a target for NoKo nukes…with PELOSI.WATERS AND BROWN Speakhome, please God.
  7. Speaking of nuts…KIM edges out all past world leaders for COMEDIC APPEARANCE OF A DICTATOR (with the possible exception of Mussolini Idi Amin or Moe Howard)
  8. We lived through the OBAMA YEARS…I think
  9. Thankful for great media coverage. IT REVIVES THE T.V. BELOVED SITUATION COMEDY. It would be difficult to find comics of the caliber of Ander son Cooper or Wolf Blitzer outside of CNN
  10. For the freeing of Americans FROM THIRD POWER STATUS! (I think we were behind,militarily , Iraq and Western Slobokia…


1 Not thrilled with him (although he’s been more conservative on issues than I dreamed); however:
2 THIS!!!
3 They have it; it’s a question of how they’re using it…
4 I won’t miss him…
5 Would that he would stay…
6 I realize you’re tongue-in-cheek, but there are children and other innocents in CA, even if SF and LA are trying to out do Sodom and Gomorrha.
7 With the same qualifier as above: He may be a joke, but alas, the people of NK suffer none the less.
8 Still figuring out that one, too; less sure of it than you…
9 Gah.
10 Not out of the woods, and not sure we ever will be…