That 'Republican Woman for Clinton': She's a lobbyist married to a Clinton operative


Remember that ‘Republican Woman for Clinton’: She’s a healthcare lobbyist married to a Clinton operative
By TIMOTHY P. CARNEY • 8/19/16 12:38 PM

Sometimes our media can be so incurious.

After Jennifer Pierotti Lim spoke at the Democratic convention last month, the New York Times interviewed her, describing her only as “the founder of the volunteer group Republican Women for Hillary.”

Cosmo and the Huffington Post, to their credit, mentioned Lim’s employer: the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. None of these publications … mentioned her occupation: Lobbyist.

A final detail that strikes me as relevant: Her husband is an alumnus of the Hillary Clinton campaign, and is a partner in a firm that has pocketed about $20 million from Clinton’s campaign and the DNC.

Incurious? Maybe. I have a hard time believing the MSM wouldn’t check the credentials and family connections of the leader of a, “Democrat Women For Trump,” organization. Even if the failure to vet was not intentional deception, I think the failure to see is like the famous “See no evil” monkey - hands clamped over the eyes.


MSM is not going to expose ANYTHING that could damage Hillary in any way.