The 13 year old recently shot in Chicago had a gun in his hand

The most recent police shooting that occurred in Chicago, which may to lead to more rioting, was justified. That was the opinion given by a policeman on the CNN of all places. The 13 year old had a gun in his hand when he was running away, and he also had gun residue on his hand indicating that he had recently fired the weapon. CBS has broadcast the police body cam footage, but conveniently the perpetrator’s hand so that the gun would not show. The police only have a split second to decide if incidents like this are life and death situations for them.

Of course the socialist, “progressive Democrats” have lined up with the fiction that “another child has been murdered by the police.” It didn’t take AOC and the Squad to start stirring more trouble and possibly get some more riots going.

Have you watched it?

It appears he throws it away and when he stops and puts his hands in the air like the officer told him, he is shot.

That’s the way CBS and the rest of fake news wants you to see it @Gene.

Besides as a gun control advocate, are you pleased with a 13 year old running around with a hand gun? The other guy in Minnesota got in trouble for an illegal gun too, but we know that he was a law abiding citizen and another “victim” who gave others in his community justification for looting stores whose owners had nothing to do with what happened.

He was putting his hands up with no weapon when he was shot. The cop made a judgement call, a bad one.

Yea, and a second before he had a gun in his hand before he ditched it behind the fence. He could have turned around with gun in his hand, used it and there could have had another dead cop. When you are an outlaw, and you run around waving guns, there will be consequences. You might not have brains enough to know that when you are 13, but that is a fact.

The body count builds up every week in Chicago. Yet you “progressives” don’t care about that because it is politically inconvenient. Making African-Americans victims is a lot easier to sell.

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And tried to comply with the officer. The officer made the wrong call and killed him.

Our consolation prize is a dead 13 year old child, so, I hope you’re happy with that.

FYI, in 2019 44 police were murdered on duty by guns. Meanwhile, police killed 999 people with guns in that time. Wow, they must be REALLY good shots to have that K/D ratio /s

You and I have nothing in common @Gene. You are a radical “progressive” with no objectivity. This kid was a gang member with the Latin Kings, a criminal street gang.

Have you ever been mugged? I have. I was lucky. The pucks, who were this guy’s age, who attacked me didn’t have guns, thank goodness. They had bats. The criminals don’t care about you. They don’t care about their community or neighborhood. They just want to take what they can get.

You are the problem, not the solution.

There is a shooting in Chicago ever 11 hours. Is that okay with you, @Gene? Does that seem okay with you. It’s not the cops who are doing the shooting.

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No, we should have sensible gun control

Chicago has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the nation. If they were stringently enforced, every gang member would be in jail.

I guess I would ask you, what do you think Adam should have done in that situation? The police told him to stop, drop the weapon, and put his hands up. He stopped, got rid of the weapon, and put his hands up. Was his fate sealed no matter what he did? Complying ended in his death.

I would also encourage you to look at Adam as a victim on all sides. He was with a 21 year old, who was later arrested. The 21 year old had the gun, when the cops showed up, handed it off to Adam and told him to run. He was a child being groomed by a gang. I’m sure he was terrified in the situation. When he got too scared and tried to follow the cop’s instructions, he was shot to death.

Chicago has gun control, their gun ownership rates are far below the national average; so that didn’t fix their violence.

Places with the highest gun owning rates in the nation, like Valley Forge PA, have far less of this violence.

Take from that what you will, but what it means is that guns do not by themselves drive homicide rates.

Obviously, things are worse in more densely populated areas. I wouldn’t say it’s a failure of gun control that Chicago has stricter laws. People just go to neighboring counties.

Imagine if a city in Texas were to make the border an uncrossable fire pit. It wouldn’t matter if the city next door didn’t follow suit. Like immigration, gun control isn’t an issue one city or state can tackle alone.

Like immigration, Government does not have control, and does not have ultimate say.

That’s the meaning of efficacy when it comes to law. What Government can do is constrained by the realities on the ground. Any law that is to succeed has to work through those constraints, not ignore them.

Immigration is driven by socio-economic factors. If government creates immigration policy that flies in the face of those factors (like, keeping legal immigration far below demand), the law will fail, just as our own laws have. Gun control is no different.

If you can’t write laws that reflect what most people feel is reasonable, you’re just asking them to be ignored.

And that’s precisely what happens in Chicago.

But guns used in crime are overwhelmingly not bought lawfully. There is no gun show exception in Illinois, so people buy their arms in back alleys.

The black market is simply more pervasive than any law, or law enforcement measure could hope to keep pace with.

1 Just like smugglers do with drugs. Which is another sin problem.
2 Again, black market manufacture.

Anyone want to take a crack at this? I’m curious what the correct response was supposed to be for Adam or if there was none.

The crack is the 13 year old had the gun in his hand about a second before he was shot. He turned around toward the officer, and the officer had no idea if he had the gun or not. Up until then he had been breaking the law, carrying the gun as he ran away. Being a police officer should not be a death sentence.

My comeback to you is, why are the people in your party doing away with bail for repeat offenders? In New York, a 31 year old guy with a rap sheet that was very long, pushed a Transit Authority policeman, who is of Asian descent, on the subway track. When he came before the judge, the judge said his hands were tired because of the insane New York State law that has ended bail.

The criminal’s response was to brag that he can do anything he wants because the state can’t put him in jail. The left seems to think that violent criminals are “the home team.” It sure isn’t honest citizens.

In the mean time, a 5 year old African-American girl was killed in Chicago while in her family’s car waiting at the fast food restaurant. Her father was shot in the chest and critically wounded. This is in a Democrat controlled city. The “progressives” hold all the power there, yet this continues.

So you’re saying in the moment Adam was killed, there’s nothing he could have done to not be shot? He tried to surrender peacefully

The kid threw the gun behind a fence before he turned around. Yes, it’s a lot to ask of a 13 year old to know what to do in a panicked situation, but the way he handled it was not appropriate given the situation.

You expect the police to be omnipresent gods who can make perfect split second situations where it might be their life or the criminal’s. When the cop gets killed, all you might say, if you care at all, is, “Isn’t that too bad.” If the criminal gets killed, you are looking for a political advantage, and the worst of your movement are looking for an excuse to “go shopping.”

One fundamental question is, what was a 13 year old doing out at this time of night with that group of people? Where are his parents or guardians? For them he might become a cash cow when they get to collect for a “wrongful death.” That might be all they care about.

A large portion of the left, including many in Washington, doesn’t really care about the poor or the illegal immigrants. They view them as a means to an end. If you ever come to that realization, you might have something more to contribute here. Otherwise you are just one more tiresome “progressive” who parrots the lines the left feeds you.