The 13 year old recently shot in Chicago had a gun in his hand

I’m not convinced there was an appropriate way for Adam to get out of that alive. I suppose that at the very least when dealing with children, I’d vastly prefer if cops used less lethal force like tasers. I know police get scared for their lives too, and they shouldn’t have to offer their life to their job. However, they’re the trained professionals in these situations, and maybe we need to reassess how they handle these scenarios.

Some potential approaches:

-better emotional training for cops so they aren’t as scared

-tactical training, there were many officers on scene and if they had been able to work together to surround him it may have ended differently

-this one is big when going to a situation like this (called for gunshots in the area), they should be using better body armor to protect themselves from being shot fatally

-finally, prioritize hunan life. In situations like this where it’s dark and impossible to tell what’s happening, let them get away if the officer fears for their life rather than feeling like they have to put themselves in danger

Any of those resonate with you?

Dispose of the gun in plain sight. Hiding it is what confused the cop.

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Maybe, we’ll never know. Now a child is dead and this cop has to live with knowing he killed a kid who was trying to surrender. Hope he’s got a good therapist. On a slightly different note, I wonder how many cops that kill civilians end up quitting. Even if it were a justified killing, I’m not sure I could go back.

Yea, all of the cops are wrong; all of the Black criminals who die are right. Keep on drinking the Kool Aid, @Gene, until you are a crime victim. Then you might see a portion of the truth. Not all cops are right, and all criminals are right, but you have no interest in the truth. You are only interested in what supports your political positions.

There was a cop in one of Carolinas who shot a Black in cold blood. I condemned that unconditionally. But for you, it’s all black and white quite literally.

I was more commenting on the emotional gravity of taking a life regardless of circumstances

It does not matter how old muggers are, when they are robbing you. It does not matter if you are liberal or conservative, they will take everything you have. I know because I was a liberal when I was robbed by two males who were around 13 years old in Newark, New Jersey in 1979.

You can romanticize these people as much as you want. They are bad news, and if you cannot understand that, you are delusional. They ruin Black neighborhoods because they rob from their own people for selfish motives. When they kill, they double down in the damage to their neighborhoods.

Fixed that for you. Though again, that had near nothing to do with what I was talking about.

If they threaten my well being? I can argue they do.

They decided to roll the dice, they decided to be aggressive.

If I or the police harm them because my life is threatened, that’s their fault, and they deserve whatever happens to them.

If you don’t want lethal harm inflicted upon you, don’t threaten it.


@Gene, it has everything to do with what you wrote. You have romantic notions about these people because you have probably never been on the wrong side of their actions. You only come from the perspective of you little professors who have indoctrinated you with the notion that that life has been unfair to them, and that their violent behavior is justified.

The little professors were half right. Life has been unfair them. Many were born in to poverty, given life by mothers who had them out of wedlock or grew up in broken families. They have been forced to go to crappy schools, partly because your Democrat Party runs everything in the big cities and never has its feet put to the fire through political competition to do better. Teachers’ unions, who are in bed with the Democrats, make it worse.

This is one example of why one party rule is bad and something to be avoided. As my grandfather, who was a local politician, said, “When they stay in too long, they learn how to steal too well.”

The little professors are dead wrong when they ignore or condone the violence. So are Representative Maxine Waters and the Squad when they do it. Nobody wants to associate with these people when they act that way. Your elitist Democrats live in gated communities with armed guards to see that they don’t. The rest of us, including hard working African-Americans, do all we can to avoid the violent neighborhoods.

There is nothing evil or wrong about that. You don’t go out of your way to be attacked. Solutions to the problem are not easy, but violent revolution is not the one of them.

You can argue it, but I’m less convinced government workers going into dangerous situations can. I want to circle back to my suggestions to fix this:

I see our lack of protecting officers while sending them into unpredictable and dangerous situations as an abject failure to take care of them.

Since the “progressives” are bound and determined to do away with the police, why not shut down the San Francisco Police Department for a month and see what happens? Criminals are really nice people, and we all that they will make proper use of their newly found freedom. :partying_face:

Funny you should say that immediately after a post of mine asking to give police better protection.

a dead 13 year old gang member, the gang gave him that gun…why? I’ll tell you what…would it upset you if the cops stopped responding to stuff like this and let blacks just whack each other with guns and knives? it would be safer for the cop and his family. What are cops to do after all the ambushes on cops and still the cop killing goes on. Do ya care about THAT? or is the breakdown of law and order in America what you’re looking for. and don’t make me defend cops either. They stopped protecting and serving back in the late sixties. THis is part of why we are where we are. For this to end, cops are going to have to do the dirty stuff…shoot some antifa/blm/domestic terrorists/gang members rather than trump supporters. I am sure you disagree.

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You made no effort to put the “999” number in context. Where the police dealing with violent criminals who were threatening others? It makes no difference to you. All you want to make more unsubstantiated claims that the police are racist murders.

This stuff sells with you comrades and the little professors, who drink the “progressive” Kool Aid, but it doesn’t sell with people who want to know the facts.

It’s very telling that you will never compromise on any point. That’s the way the totalitarians operate, and that’s what your movement has become. Their playbook is straight out of the communist and fascist strategy manuals. You probably have not questioned your position enough to have a chance of realizing that, but it’s true.

The police are the last line between civilization and barbarism. Without them, no one is safe. Just look at the mob violence last summer. But, oh I know, it never happened. The Communist Chinese said the same thing after the massacre at Trenimon Square. The “It never happened” line is also out of the communist strategy manual.

I think I’m trying to be compromising when I suggest that police be given better personal protection when going into these situations so they don’t feel the need to resort to deadly violence. Any comment on that?

You must realize Tiananmen square is totally different. 1 event results in at minimum hundreds of deaths by an organized government crackdown vs. 9000+ protests resulting in ~25 deaths by disorganized chaos. What isn’t clicking?

No, I am not stretching anything at all when I compare the tone of your Democratic Party movement to the Chinese Communists. The Woke Democratic Party Movement has the same goal as the Chinese Communists - One Party Rule and an all-powerful central government that will do all it can to control everyone’s lives.

Some well-known, long time liberals have seen the light, but younger people have not been exposed to both sides of the argument. The corrupt education system has taught them to hate their country and its culture and heritage. Everything that stands for the old order must be corrupted or destroyed.

Older Democrats, like Pelosi, Schumer and the Clinton and Biden crime families know exactly what they are doing. They are already rich and powerful and want to extent their influence, just like the leadership did in the Soviet Union, North Korea and Communist China.

Freedom and democracy are disappearing right before you eyes, gene, but you are too brainwashed to see it.

I obviously frustrated you intellect given the weakness of you response.

Did you little professors give you an “A” for responses like that? I’m sure they did because you were parroting the party line.

There are very serious issues about the conduct of the Clinton and Biden families, but, unfortunately, that is beyond you ability to respond because of wokeness.

Yep, you got it all figured out :+1:

Yea, I do, and you don’t. So there is no need for debate you. You are a socialist who hates this country, and you won’t know what you are doing to yourself, if you are White and raised middle or working class, until it’s too late.

Even if you a Black, you are delusional. The White Democrats in Washington don’t really care about Blacks. For Pelosi and leaders of her ilk, they are tools to be used to give the Democrat ruling class more money and power.

The lower classes will end up worse off because the economy will be wrecked. Just look at Venezuela. Debating you is a waste of time unless you get out from under your programming. Unfortunately that is impossible at this point. You brain is closed.