The Aborted Race Conspiracy

Being older gives one the wariness to suspect intentions and motives behind movements.( Most movements need to be flushed) But I digress…
Does it strike you as strange that, statistically ,10 percent of women that have an abortion are identified as “white”? That means ninety percent are “other”. In the media pictures showing staged demonstrations , almost ALL of the protesters are white. Does that mean that the pro-abortion liberals are interested in the right s and well being of blacks, Hispanics and the downtrodden? That the Democratic Party ,of which the Confederate States were representative of before and during the War, have made a complete change and no longer wish to control race? Or is it the sinister purpose of rich white liberals to control the SIZE AND PERCENTAGE of races other than their own by abortion???
Then how can liberalism be able to sustain it’s voters? Doesn’t it seem like a sensible Democratic Party would benefit from a LARGE VOTER BASE rather than kill 90 percent of it’s potential support???
What’s going on here? Àre rich liberals the true white supremacists and seek to manipulate minorities by àbortion?
It wouldn’t be the first time.

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Yes, is that really difficult to believe? There’s this cool new thing called empathy. With it, you don’t need something bad to happen to you personally to understand it’s bad.

I can answer that. We don’t think of people and rights in terms of “will they support me?” Which I know, again, may be hard for you to grasp.

Black women have Abortions 3x more than White Women and Latino Women 2x More than White Women. So not 90% other the math doesn’t work out. The main factor is poverty. The only bright light about this is that more people like me impoverished will be born and some day we may cause some great demographic revolution that causes a great wrong in history to be written. Black Legal Gun Ownership is skyrocketing, Gun Ownership on the left is skyrocketing yes I do someday hope we have a much much larger say than we do now given the electoral college. In fact imagine in 14 years the Democratic Party to be a party of the South and Rust Belt, an antipoverty party around Minority Interests and combating poverty rather than this bourgeoisie woeness & leftcoast Sexual Interests. We will have more like Karen Bass and less like Nancy Pelosi.

The Only longterm hope for the GOP/1% is Fascism and Apartheid. Watch the film Elysium it’s beautiful the 99% slaughtering the 1%. The 1% close themselves off in an eco-dome and the rest of the world starves on a languishing dying planet. In the end someone breaches the dome with hacking and manipulating people begin slaughtering the 1% and laughing children romping around in their carcasses. Really inspiring film, literal eat the rich type stuff. People like @SENDGOP they are wealthy they support the status quo regarding the abortion of the surplus population. They support mass incarceration for sundown offenses.

And so…
The liberal agenda in limiting minorities is just an illusion? And , since “it takes two to tango”, where is the equivalent liberal male responsibility addressed? In LGBT rhetoric???
How would the non-abortion America have been different? Millions of additional unwanted children? That is obviously not the best option.
Comments pro and con ,please …this Is a forum.

That’s all your party thinks about, @Gene. The whole Democrat - open borders policy is concerned with changing the electorate to a dependent class that can be relied upon to vote Democrat. Early on, the illegals who were crossing the border were wearing Biden for President t-shirts and flaying Biden flags. That was too obvious, and the Democrats saw to it that would not happen again.

No, you have that one all wrong. I support the right to choose an abortion very early in a pregnancy because raising a child is huge responsibility that should be planned for and left to chance as little is possible. The far preferrable alternative is the use of birth control methods. Abortion should be the very last result.

As for the “status quo,” if it involves free market capitalism, I’m all for it because it is the only way to bring prosperity. Your idea of taking from the rich and giving to the poor will ultimately collapse because the people who work hard and pull the wagon, will be crushed in the end by your socialist system.

It’s happening right now in the United States. The middle class is getting crushed by high energy prices. Their schools are going to hell because of curriculums that are more concerned with government propaganda than truth, and the system is overwhelmed by illegal aliens who can’t speak the language.

Who is going to bust their butt to produce and do well when the fruits of your labor are taken from you to support the socialist state? Who is going to work their tail off only to have the fruits your labor go to make the leaders of the socialist government and their family and friends rich? That’s how it always works in socialist and communist countries. The people at the top do well; everyone in their “classless society” live like pigs. Show me the country where your idea has worked. There isn’t one.

I would say that those decisions are mostly economic. More minority women get abortions because they can’t afford to raise the child. From that aspect the Democrats would probably have less abortions because it would result in giving them more voters.

Of course one thing is changing. More Black and Hispanic voters are wondering off the Democrat plantation. If that becomes a larger trend, the Democrats will be big trouble since that has been a large part of their base.

So what race has aborted more babies than any other race? If you can see this, then you can see liberal hypocrisy at its finest

Imagine a political party that “smokescreen’s” economic chaos,crime,open borders,anti-religion, nuclear threats, wholesale racial unrest and anarchy by appealing to repression of the unwanted human…
Thank God they lack a charismatic leader…so far.

what about whoopie goldberg

Woopie used to be funny. Now she is as entertaining as a rattlesnake with VD and profound mental disorders. Appearing on “The View” on a regular basis will do that to you.

She even managed to make an anti-Semitic comment that got her into the liberal penalty box. If a Republican had done that, he or she would have been banished for life.

At one time Woopie was on welfare. Then capitalism and opportunities provided by our system built upon freedom made her rich and successful. Now she bites that hands that fed her. Pathetic.

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Margaret Sanger, anyone?

She didn’t wait to be on The View to get her head on sideways.

Yep, good old Margaret didn’t have much good to say about people of color, but the left only hears what it wants to hear about their icons.

Margret Sanger was a proponent of Eugenics. George Orwell was a Socialist. Sometimes crappy people believe in something positive and sometimes positive people believe in something crappy. If you think Abortion is Eugenics (racial) then by all means I’d support your position but no one did in the inner cities like Ronald Reagan. Go watch Roger and Me.

Yea, a film by Michael Moore. Now there is an objective source for information,. :laughing:

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You’d be surprised by his first film. He didn’t lie about the downfall of flint. 60k job loss