The Absurdity Of Medicare For All


I’ll be brief.

Setting aside the impossibility of paying for “Medicare For All”, consider this.

By proposing Medicare for all, Democrats are asking voters to believe that a government that can’t even manage to keep a high profile individual and known suicide risk, Jeffery Epstein, alive while in custody, can effectively design, implement and manage health care for 325,000,000 individuals.

Point made. Case closed.


I’ll be even briefer:

The same folks who cobbled together the ObamaCare fiasco now want a second (even bigger) bite at the apple.


That was always the plan. Republicans are now comfortable with Obamacare, and now the left can take its rhetoric to the next level. To be honest, I believed that Obamacare was so flawed that its failure would drive the push for Medicare for All. I didn’t expect Republicans to actually embrace it. Yet another reason I’m disappointed in modern Republicans.

All this is because you’re right, Mike. The government by its nature (without impaired incentives driving bureaucrats and politicians) is incompetent at most things.


I can’t think of a single thing the government is efficient at, except taking our money and they even suck at that when trying to take money from the politicians and their donors…NOTHING.


Here’s what every voter should consider about “single payer” socialized medicine. If the government couldn’t run the Veteran Administration hospitals, how can it run a medical system for the whole country?



I can think of two: Killing people and breaking things.

Some folks just have wishful thinking despite evidence to the contrary-- or think we just gotta have the right people in charge, then it’ll be amazing.


Yep, that’s what the so-called progressives think. If they can just get the right people in charge, it will be perfect. About the only time that was true was during the first 10 to 12 years of space program. NASA had its act together than because there were lots of true believers who didn’t want to lose the Russians.

I call them “so-called progressives” because in reality they are “regressives.” They yearn to go back to the times when kings and emperors ruled the world. They won’t admit that, but they think that there is a group “wise men,” who think only of others, who will take over the government and everyone’s lives and make things perfect.


Anything- including a dictatorship- works well if you have the right people in charge. The obvious problem is that Planet Earth doesn’t have the right people…


No, they are only good at killing people when it’s just the Military or the Clintons involved. If you get politicians and Bureaucrats involved, they can’t kill effectively, unless you are talking the unborn.