The "Affordable" Care Act Raised A Family's Average Premium Cost By $5,000


On Monday, it was announced that premiums for plans sold on, the government website for Affordable Care Act plans, will see a nearly 25 percent increase for next year. This, of course, shouldn’t come as too big of a shock, considering that premiums have risen by nearly $5,000 since the “Affordable” Care Act was passed.
In 2008, the average health insurance premium cost a family about$12,680 every year. Now, after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the average premium cost for a family has ballooned to $17,500.

The “Affordable” Care Act Raised A Family’s Average Premium Cost By $5,000 - Christine Rousselle

Insurance has sky rocketed and hospitals are charging more to cover the dead fall from having to cover all the illegals and muslims brought into the country who are excused from getting the insurance and can go to the hospital free…


I just saw that article today. Having been stationed overseas where health care is “FREE” I wasn’t a bit surprised. My guess is that it won’t matter in this election because people aren’t all that smart. Going to cost (whatever) next year, no big deal. OMG I’m paying this much more per month this year OMG, OMG, OMG but they said…
I for one am SHOCKED that the hike didn’t come out about 3 or 4 months AFTER this election. Ok, only a little surprised because everyone knows that democrats are bad at math. My guess is that the democrat that projected the date that this would hit didn’t have his shoes off so that he could use his toes in figuring up when the election is. (wink)


Yes, the way these plans are working now, the premiums are sky high, and the deductibles are as high as $14,000. To me that sounds almost like having not medical insurance at all.

Most Americans live pay check to pay check, so unless they are clearing $14,000 after taxes from each pay check, it sounds like the system is collapsing, which what Obama wanted in the first place.

Now Hillary can shout from the rooftops, “Bring on Single Payer!” which is a Democrat code phrase for Federal Government run health care.

If you want see what “Hillary Care” will be like, check out the VA System.