The astonishing secret history of the Pope who fought Hitler


The astonishing secret history of the Pope who fought Hitler**
By Kevin J. Jones

Pope Pius XII’s secret support for the attempted overthrow of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler is the subject of a new book that draws on wartime documents and interviews with the American intelligence agent who wrote them.

“This book is the truth – as best I could establish it in a number of years of research – about the Pope’s secret operations in World War II,” historian Mark Riebling told EWTN News Feb. 2…

…In the late 1990s, debate over whether Pius XII did enough to counter the Nazis reached a high point with the publication of the deeply controversial book, “Hitler’s Pope,” by British journalist John Cornwell. The book was highly critical of Pius XII, charging that he was culpably silent – if not an accomplice – in the rise of Nazism.

“If you read the fiercest critics of the Nazi-era Church, the major ones all concede that Pius XII hated Hitler and worked secretly to overthrow him,” Riebling said. “Yet they say this in their books in just a clause, a sentence, or a paragraph. To me, this episode merited more curiosity.”

“If ‘Hitler’s Pope’ wanted to help rid the world of Hitler, what’s the story?”

Riebling said there were several sources of inspiration for the book. During his Catholic upbringing, he learned the long history of the Church: in its first centuries, Christianity was an underground organization. In post-Reformation England, the Jesuits were involved in clandestine work…



Lots of Christians supported the Jews against Hitler’s depredations before and during WWII.


…but they have not been attacked for, and falsely accused of, actually supporting Hitler the way Pope Pius XII has been. That’s why this article is significant.


Mostly true, but I daresay some of them have been. There are probably many that we don’t even know about.

This is along a different line, but did you ever hear about the doctor who treated - Himmler, I think it was - for some chronic condition, and he was the only one who could help him. It gave him great power over Himmler, and he used that power to force Himmler to effectively rescue a lot of Jews.