The Avengers


I was reading up on this old TV show which I had seen and enjoyed in its heyday. I remember seeing a couple of episodes before Diana Riggs joined the cast as Mrs. Peel. The show up till then was more gritty. After she left and then was replaced by the new character,Tara King the show went downhill.

Later the show was revived as the New Avengers with Steed and two side kicks. They had a younger agent doing the foot work and a woman who was helpless most of the time who had to be rescued. Steed on occasion still had to rescue both. His character had changed to an older agent who was more of an womanizer from previous characteristics. I think the best was with Diana Riggs even though the show became campy.

At the time the girl in The New Avengers reminded me of batgirl who looked pretty on the Batman and Robin show but could not fight her way out of a paperbag.


I used to watch that show. After Mrs. Peal left it just wasn’t the same. She did 90% of the work while Stead stood back and pointed lol