THE Best Interview Explaining the Fiscal Cliff/Economic Situation


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Might I ask why no one is watching this?
Seriously, it explains it, clearly and concisely from the implementation of the Federal Reserve, all in-between, going off the gold standard…

Best interview I’ve seen yet!

Besides, there’s an aside in there that’s quite interesting, and makes you at least ask, if not undersand, WHY nothing was done before now.


2c first the girl’s rambling preamble is most distracting and this ‘guru’ states the obvious. It seems Spokane is just now catching up? Please.
First, yes the debt is unmanageable. yes it’s nearly impossible to bring down. yes obama will continue to add to the debt because he can, and nobody has the will to stop him.
Second; Cutting taxes or leaving the Bush era tax cuts in place would add significantly to the operating capital of business, but this will not happen because Obama will not let it happen neither will Harry the idiot Reid. So all the “expert” discussion is moot and worthless.