The Bible on One Page


Easy enough to deciper how to use this.

The Bible on One page


That is how the version I put on my Kindle works, very quick and handy!


Well, I’ve got e-Sword on my computer, and although it doesn’t have everything at a glance, it is easy enough to access it. I prefer to use a “real” Bible, it’s easier on the eyes, and it’s just easier to sit with a book in front of me and looking “down” at it, rather than up to a screen. For some people, though, that could be an excellent tool - especially if they aren’t all that familiar with the Bible.

e-Sword is very handy, though, for quick look-ups, especially when I’m on the internet, and want to locate a passage I want to quote. It has a search function.


I prefer the Bible in my hands. I like to mark, underline, note. The internet is just too undependable. However, The Bible on one Page is good for quick reference and just reading at times when a Bible is not handy.


I don’t do much marking in my Bible, but I have a notebook sitting beside it when I read, and jot down a lot of stuff.

e_Sword is just handy for quick look-ups, and it’s on my computer; I don’t have to go to the internet.


I do that too, extra note book. Do you consider it inappropriate to write in your Bible?


No, I just never did. I suppose at one time, I felt that it was disrespectful, and I never quite got over that - that is, the feeling, not the thinking. I do write in it some, but most of the stuff I do write is too much to put in the margin of the Bible.


Not only do i use the margins, I also use the blank pages in the back for definitions and particular passages that i found particularly useful. It’s instructive to go back sometimes as read these again and look up the scripture ‘linked’. :yes:


Thanks for posting that page, Caroline. I bookmarked it.


I have an old Bible of my father’s, and three or four places on the fly-leaves and elsewhere he had written the reference “II Chronicles 7:14.”


I have my maternal grandfather’s bible and he wrote a particularly poignant message in the front of it. He asked God’s forgiveness for forgetting His Creator and His Word for so long a time.


I was reading revelation and actually had been wondering about this for a time…Why does it seem to be so hard for horses especially during the final battle? The birds are invited to come feast not only on man but also on the horses. I find this puzzling.


Do i understand correctly that this is a restricted forum?


I don’t think this forum is restricted to anyone.

I am pretty sure the term “feasted on by the birds” is a reference to a battle that was so devastating that nobody was left to bury the dead or at least nobody who cared. It was considered a most horrible death if your corpse was left unburied for the beasts to eat. The horses were just part of it I think.


thanks…but it seems more to me than that. All the horse references. Makes me wonder if God knows something about horses that we don’t. I don’t know…seems like a lot of death and suffering for horses.


Horses were commonly used in battles in the time that it was written. Horses would be just as subject to death as the warriors riding them. I guess that’s pretty much a non-answer, isn’t it?


I was considering that…and really. In the bowls of judgement…all sea life was wiped out so, i guess my question is sort of moot? I think i was focusing on the beauty of the animal and forgetting how they were used in ancient times.