"The Big Lie" by Dinesh D'Souza, a really good read

“The Big Lie” by Dinesh D’Souza covers the histor of the Italian Fascist and German Nazi Parties and how their ideologies tie in with the current American left. Some of the similarities are obvious, like the ties between the Brown Shirt thugs and the Antifa thugs here in America.

D’Souza shows how other shared values, such as those between the socialists and the Fascists for a strong centralized government are really two sides of the same coin. The socialists and the communists thought that their movement would gain power though class struggle. Mussolini saw that nationalism was a far stronger glue that could get his operation up and running. Ditto for Hitler, which explains why the Nazis called themselves “National Socialists.” The Nazis were German socialists. Hitler only worked with the industrialists because they were the quickest way to build his war machine.

D’Souza correctly points out that the Fascists, socialists, communists and Nazis are all left wing ideologies. They all support government control, and the end of property rights. The only thing that really made the Italian Fascists and the German Nazis “right wing” was that they went to war against Stalin’s Soviet Union … eventually. Otherwise they all have the same objectives and the same methods.

The American left is looking for the same style of government through the “Green New Deal.”


I’m amazed at how effective the left is at lying.

The two biggest lies I encounter are the notion that Nazism is “right wing” and the notion that Republicans are responsible for the KKK. Even when I assert that the Democrats started the KKK, know-it-alls are certain that all KKK members switched parties and became Republicans.

I think I first noticed leftist telling whoppers in '91 when Peter Jennings declared that Mikhail Gorbachev had been taken prisoner by “right wing hardliners.” Right wing? Clearly those communists had no desire for smaller government or more freedom. I realized then that Gorby was a hero to the media (i.e. the left) and they just call anybody they don’t like “right wing,” regardless of politics.

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I’m not sure Gorbachev wanted it, either. It’s hard to say where he stood, but I do know that he tried to spin things to make it look like the Soviets didn’t lose the cold war when he was in charge, so maybe the rest was simply bowing to the inevitable, too.

Gorbachev realized that his economic system was failing. To try to save it he at least appeared to be more open with “glasnost.” Perhaps if he had had more time he would have tried the Chinese model with some mix of capitalism, but he probably would not have gotten anywhere. Too many “comrades” had a vested interest in the system that had been built since at least the days of Stalin.

As of the Peter Jennings comment, that was true in context. The “conservatives” in the Soviet Union wanted to retain the status quo, so in a sense they were “right wing.” They could never be called “liberal” given their totalitarian mind set.

Yeah, they were all a bunch of communists, i.e. leftists. But Jennings liked Gorby and hated anyone who would take him prisoner, so he called the later “right wing” to both denigrate them and denigrate by association everyone on the “right.”

The old use of “conservative” (hence “right”) meant people who want to retain the status quo, but that has little to do with the “conservatives” (hence “right”) of today. We want less government control in our lives and more freedom. We especially don’t want the stinking self-righteous in government to dictate morals to us, like forcing acceptance of teen sex, abortion and homosexual “marriage.”

The left specializes in redefining words. For example, they’ve almost totally redefined “nationalist” to mean “racist” instead of a good citizen who loves his country.

They’re trying to redefine everything to mean “racist” if it isn’t in lockstep with leftist dogma (or dog poop).