The Big Marxist Picture: Destruction of America

Thank you. Bill Gates, George Soros, all the big tech and silicon valley, all in the pockets of the Dems, or is it the other way around. The dems are the party of the rich.

Like all fascists, Unitedwestand spews out tired old propaganda.

In fact, the Republicans today are the party of the working person, the very people Democrats are destroying with their massive taxes, high gas & food prices, and socialist policies…

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Yeah that, yeah that, and yeah that.

Actually, some union members are starting to balk, in no small part due to that second part.

You can do it badly all day. Democrats support their own specific corporate interests, whereas Republicans tend to support free enterprise (perhaps not as well as they used to). The Dems and unions push for socialistic control or semicontrol of industry. But as the now-old saying goes: You can’t multiply wealth by dividing it.


Excellent. Well said.
Republicans supporting business which creates jobs and grows the economy, the Left perverts into Republicans support “The Rich” which is propaganda meant to stir up hate and anger and class warfare.

I’d actually like to see less corporate donors Justice Democrats are now the mainstream funding source outside of ACT blue they don’t take corporate money.

Final Question am I fascist or antifa?

I rarely see the boss work.

The best thing ever said about Chick Fil A is that corporations don’t really care they all see us as hungry mouth holes with money. See the funny or die KFC parody.

And that’s how I want them to see me. Not as some easily goaded political tard. :smile:

I wanna be seen as human. That’s hard these days everything is a dollar here a dollar there.

Final Question, am I fascist or Antifa?

You are neither, but you are confused when you can’t see what a total cognitive mess Joe Biden is or how his mega-spending “Build Back Better” plan is going to shaft you and you family with a mountain of inflation which could bury them in debt for generations to come.

The Democrats take your vote for granted. They didn’t listen to middle class concerns about what their tax, spend, education and unlimited immigration policies are going to do to you.

Maybe you are some sort of altruist who wants to give the rest of the world a living, but somehow I don’t see that in your posts. You sound like someone who wants a bigger slice of the government welfare pie. Believe me, you are in the Democrats rear view welfare mirror. They take you for granted. The people who going to get most of the freebies are the illegal aliens.

Then be a GOOD human and be humane
Do NOT stand up for policies of death, like abortion, and
Do NOT stand up for despicable policies of perversion, like gay marriage and transgenderism
Do NOT stand behind socialism which destroys nations and economies

You want to be human? Have traditional American values.

What is a Real American

And I don’t mean what is a “Legal” American, I mean what is a Real American? What is it in the heart of a person that makes them a Real American, a Patriot?

Well, a real American IS a patriot. He would gladly serve his country in time of war. He would come to the aid of a neighbor. He knows America is an exceptional nation. In his heart he loves Liberty, Freedom; he appreciates entrepreneurship, he has the drive to make his way in life without a net and rise or fall on your own efforts like the pioneers did, and he knows that God endowed him with the right to Life, Liberty, and to pursue happiness

That is a real American.

Would you call some America-hating socialist a real American? . . someone who does not want to work and wants to live off of welfare? . . someone who despises America and hates our history and our traditions and our values and embraces evil ideologies? Is that a “Real American” just because they were born here?

Some people say they are real American too because they were born here. I say those people are tools. Such sick anti-American haters may be legally American if they were born here but they are not REAL Americans in their hearts. They are not Patriots.

Is this all too hard for a person to understand? If it is them maybe that person not a real American.

Have you heard people talk about fake Christians? Sadly there are people who call themselves Christians, and maybe they even go to church once in a while, but they do not have Christ in their heart. The lie and hate and do bad things. We all know they are out there. We see them all the time. Simply calling yourself a Christian and going to church every Easter does not make you one. Most people understand that, right?

Why should it be any different for being an American? . . a Patriot? Any fool can be born here. But when you are an adult, do you realize what a wonderful exceptional country American is and are you a patriot? Or are you a blood-sucking socialist crapstain who enjoys the fruits of the land but hates the nation? If you are the latter then you are no American, born here or not.

Some people cannot grasp these concepts. Thats too bad for them,


I get it if your not a Trumper your not HUMAN. I keep telling these people they dehumanize the opposition. They say oh not so, you you are the first one to say it. Progressives, Moderates, Liberals are not deserving of the title Human. When you dehumanize a person it has a way of peering back into you. It’s going to be easier now to do what I need to do. Thank you so much for setting me free.

Thank You! For saying what everyone else here believes but won’t repeat.
Screen Capped for the Win!

No, you don’t need to support Trump to be true American under @TrumpGurl’S definition. You can still support more government programs than most conservatives. But you can’t hate the country and its history and push to turn its government into a socialist juggernaut that kills everything that stands in its way.

That’s what Pelosi and the far left Democrats want. They will not compromise with the Republicans. They will not work with a Republican unless that person is a RINO who only wears the name, like Liz Chainy, Bill Kristol and pedophile led Lincoln Project. (Every time I see their logo, I want to cringe. It is a total perversion of what he was.)

The people you support are haters, and their policies will make the human condition much worse. It’s been proven many times, but some people never learn and ignore the lessons history has to teach us.

And for the record, I would prefer it if Trump did not run in the 2024 primaries, but if he gets the Republican nomination, I will probably have to vote for him because the Democrats will probably nominate someone as bad or worse than Biden.

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I never said that. Do you know how to read? They might have remedial reading classes in your area. You should check it out. Maybe your Nazi union will pay to teach you how to read. If your lucky maybe they will pay for you to get a pair of balls too.

Thank you…

Thank you.

Actually, you put words in her mouth.

“Win” my patootie.


Thank you

Would you like to call me a human deserving of life and dignity @TrumpGurl ? or is that a stretch to far?


Thank you

@TrumpGurl You are an American whom is deserving of life dignity and due process as is any American and no party affiliation could change that.

Thread topic:

I agree, and I also agree with the basic point of the thread. I remember a great quote from Star Trek TNG of all places; Picard said: “Villains who twirl their mustaches are easy to spot. Those who clothe themselves in good deeds are well-camouflaged.”

Marxism is not coming to America in some big Bolshevik war, it is creeping in through useful idiots who vote Democrats and who never learned the lessons of history, and in some cases actually welcome it.

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Where is the 5 year plan?
Who is moving to seize the means of production?
Where are wage equalization laws?
Where is the abolishment of private property?

Could it be that you fail to distinguish social democracy and Marxism?

At least three of those things were in the Green New Deal. So, yes, this has become topical in the Democrat list of policy objectives.

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