The Big Marxist Picture: Destruction of America

In a recent post equating Democrats with being stupid, the moderator said:

I agree 100%. In order to create a socialist state, the existing nation must first be destroyed.

This, by the way, is the only way that otherwise incomprehensible stories become comprehensible.

Why spend us into oblivion? Why destroy the military with woke perversions? Why fire 1,000’s of first responders at during a crime wave and a pandemic? Why give our greatest middle east base to the Taliban (and then to China)?

None of these make sense alone. Only when we understand that the destruction of America is a prerequisite to the establishment of a socialist state does it all come into view clearly.

Of course, destruction of the family and religion is also a big part of this, thats why we see women, their sports, their very gender, being destroyed by transgender activists, and the family being destroyed by homosexuals and other anti-traditional family groups. Even BLM officially wants to destroy the nuclear family, so their website says.

Correct @Fantasy_Chaser .

My guess is that @Unitedwestand is an agent provocateur

His avatar says he is with the American Solidarity Party.
“The American Solidarity Party is a fiscally progressive and socially conservative Christian-democratic political party in the United States.”

So why does he continually defend the party of abortion and sodomy? He is waving the banner of a socially conservative Christian-democratic political party.

So tell us, you who accused me of being a troll, where do your allegiances lie? If you are really socially conservative and Christian as your avatar indicates then why do you side with the baby-killing sodomite Democrat socialists and attack the GOP which is pro-Life and Pro-Traditional marriage?

I am likely the most socially conservative Christian here, yet you attack me.

What’s your game here?

Come on guys, why haven’t you clued into this already?

With the exception of a woman’s right to choose I disagree with my party on every social issue.
My loyalties lie with UFCW 951 which just got my spouses job back. My loyalties lie with the least among us the worker! My loyalties lie with working class families! My loyalties lie with equality, equity and justice. I strongly disagree with the social agenda of my party, but even strongly more so disagree with the economic agenda of the GOP, as well as their view of racial minorities.

Thank you for explaining your position @Unitedwestand.

You are one of those union guys who are loyal to the Democrat Party almost as a reflex action. You think that all the Democrat rhetoric about “Jobs, jobs jobs” is true.

First of all to have a job, you have to have an employer. A great many union people don’t understand that the company you work for has to be successful to hire you and pay high wages. If the company is not successful, it does not matter what you union does for you.

Union guys also are big on high wages for other people because they believe it gives them more bargaining clout. Once more, if the economy is weak, the wage support is not there.

  • Letting more illegals into the country does not support higher wages.
  • Raising energy prices does not increase the demand for labor. In fact it’s quite the opposite.
  • Regulating companies to death does not support higher wages.

Back in 1980, your fathers and grandfathers saw the light. They became “Reagan Democrats,” and the economy took off after years of stagnation with Jimmy Carter. Now you have Biden, who is even worse than Jimmy Carter.

I don’t know why you guys remain loyal to a party that works against your interests. The New Deal labor legislation passed 80 years ago, so why the blind loyal to the Democrat Party? I don’t get it.

Really. Mine lie with America.

It is duly noted that your loyalties lie with a socialist ideology and not American values.

Unions always support democrats and democrats are socialists and the enemy of America.

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Sadly a lot of union guys don’t realize what they are supporting. Their union bosses tell them to vote Democrat, and they do it.


I may have agreed with that once upon a time, but today there is too much information out there to excuse them by reason of ignorance.

Anyway, my concern is more with union dues being funneled to democrats by the union bosses. Who really knows how the individual union worker votes these days. Many broke for Trump, including tons of first responders.

Yea, but the vast majority of people don’t keep up with the news. They only listen to what their union bosses tell them to do.

If you don’t follow anything, or if you only listen to the main stream news media, CNN or MSNBC, you don’t know much of anything.

That is true. Thats why fake news is so damaging, Trump didn’t lie when he said that fake news is the enemy of the people

Republicans always support the bosses, the bosses are the enemy of the worker and the bosses are the enemy of most people who work. The Republicans always support the wealthy the wealthy it is said it is easier for the camel to fit through the eye of the needle than to see heaven and thus the wealthy are the enemy of God.

I can do this all day.

Voted Democrat first in 2006 joined a union just this month, it was formed on the floor this month. Would never been able to do so without upward pressure on need for labor Thanks Biden. My wife had been in one a lot longer.

What if Trump was an actor and your going to be sourly disappointed by his court picks, what if he cares about America about as much as he cares for his wife? What then will you back America or Trump? You call yourself TrumpGurl not AmericaGurl.

. . . what if you go away. Everything you have said has either been false, or damning against yourself.

I really have nothing to say to people like you.

Then please stop responding to me k thx bye.

whoooah dude hold on. This indeed may have been true 50 years ago, but times have a changed my friend.

-The democrats are now the party for rich snobby condescending people; the republicans are the party of under-educated poor working class. What is the stereotypical republican? A poor, trailer-trash hick who can’t spell. What is a stereotypical democrat? A rich, gay, vegan, tesla-driving college student with tuition paid for by daddy.-



  1. The first person who spent us into oblivion was Trump; democrats are just following YOUR guy.
  2. We have no need for a military. It only exists in order to supply jobs to people too stupid to find jobs elsewhere.
  3. What crime wave?
  4. It was not our greatest middle east base. The Taliban is doesn’t know how to use anything we gave them. The base wasn’t in China.

(how’d I do?! :grinning: this was fun I’m going to do it again soon)

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I think you nailed it and that gay rich vegan tesla driving idiot wants you to have insurance and your kids to have well funded schools. I’m Straight Meat Eating vovlo driving (close) smarter than average no trust fund, came from a union family, grew up catholic leans Methodist (freewill/weslayan).

Not if I don’t boycott chick fil a

Thank you. Bill Gates, George Soros, all the big tech and silicon valley, all in the pockets of the Dems, or is it the other way around. The dems are the party of the rich.

Like all fascists, Unitedwestand spews out tired old propaganda.

In fact, the Republicans today are the party of the working person, the very people Democrats are destroying with their massive taxes, high gas & food prices, and socialist policies…

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