The Big Marxist Picture: Destruction of America

Actually, you put words in her mouth.

“Win” my patootie.


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Would you like to call me a human deserving of life and dignity @TrumpGurl ? or is that a stretch to far?


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@TrumpGurl You are an American whom is deserving of life dignity and due process as is any American and no party affiliation could change that.

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I agree, and I also agree with the basic point of the thread. I remember a great quote from Star Trek TNG of all places; Picard said: “Villains who twirl their mustaches are easy to spot. Those who clothe themselves in good deeds are well-camouflaged.”

Marxism is not coming to America in some big Bolshevik war, it is creeping in through useful idiots who vote Democrats and who never learned the lessons of history, and in some cases actually welcome it.

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Where is the 5 year plan?
Who is moving to seize the means of production?
Where are wage equalization laws?
Where is the abolishment of private property?

Could it be that you fail to distinguish social democracy and Marxism?

At least three of those things were in the Green New Deal. So, yes, this has become topical in the Democrat list of policy objectives.

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No, it you who do not understand or refuse to acknowledge what the radical left Democrats goals are. Regulation takes away property rights. Demands for equal pay are wage equalization laws. There is already a “never ending plan.” It’s called “Build Back Better.”

The government will not seize all the means of production, but it wants to take over health care and energy production. The smart far leftists know what brought down the Soviet Union and was sending Communist China to failure. They know they can’t run it all because it’s too complex, but they are going to control it all with more regulation. Over time, they will strangle the economy.

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please list each 3 with corresponding text of legislation which will likely not pass due to manchin sinem and tester.

Women performing the same as men ought to be paid as much that’s not communism. That’s legalizing sexism.

Yeah because Democrats just love Russia and China. Now were nordic or bust dude.

5 year plan, nationalizing the energy industry, equity in pay , were all in the Green New Deal.

So yes, these are in the Democrat lexicon. They’ve reached that point. You can’t deny that any longer.

They are, when you control for education and experience. For Masters and PhD roles, women are now paid more, partly because they’re more likely to have them.

Bernie Sanders did. He honeymooned there, remember?

Democrats still talk about high speed rail in China with admiration, despite it being a debt sink hole.

“Trains to no where, trains to no where EVERYWHERE!”

for genders not all work being all paid. It didn’t say a Janitor should make what a doctor does. Equity in pay is an enlightenment idea that goes against Marxism. All men created equal not all men treated equal, A female doctor should make as much as her male peers.

The energy sector is already nationalized unless it’s propane or oil. As far as power generation thats all national.

Most of these programs would expire in 1 year and some in 10 years and they make up less than 1% of Federal spending.

Then why do you oppose pay equity in non educated fields?

Trains work in Germany, They work in France, They Work in Poland. Why can’t we have functional rail?

And yet, Democrats advocate for that too:

This is what they’re talking about when they say “pay equity”. Every job should pay the same

BTW: Bernie said white people don’t know what it like to be poor. I think he’s forsaken you…

Also, myths are myths; Rather than a gender pay gap, there’s a honesty gap in relaying the statistics.

A myth Thomas Sowell no less addressed over 20 years ago. Female doctors only makes less, because they work less.

Today, they make equal or even more than men into their late 20s, then drop off in their 30s as they take time off to be child rearing parents. Or just decide to lay off the career after getting married. And women negotiate less, for whatever reason.

And they do, when everything is equal in terms of hours.

… Nope. We don’t have a Gazprom, we don’t have an Aramco. We have private companies who appropriate the resources, and sell the fuel that contains the energy we turn into the power in our grid and machinery.

Plenty of utilities are also private companies. Many of them build windmills and solar panels. Our suppliers are also private companies; there is no Government agency supplying rotors or batteries.

The Green New Deal is proposing to expropriate them, turning all of the suppliers and manufactures into a set of government owned corporations.

And that is nationalizing the industry. So yes, that is real, and you were wrong to deny it.

From now on, you have no choice but to admit, yes, nationalizing industries, is on the Democrats agenda.

Each time you “forget”, I’ll just remind you.

Because there’s no real gap here. It’s around maybe 2-6%, and it once again comes down to hours worked, and tendency to negotiate.

Uh, they’re all in debt. Since these trains don’t even pay their operational costs, much less their capital improvements, their lines are in constant disrepair. Spain which spends more per capita than anyone else, is an especially egregious case here.

There’s a few lines in deep areas that make money, everything else is a wash.

Japan lost around $400 billion on its train network. China is in debt to the tune of more than double that. It’s worse than Evergrande.

Here’s a primer for why:

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Hey, just want to chime in on the rail systems. Their primary objective isn’t to make money, they’re a service not a business in many of those places. Just like the post office or the military in the U.S. They’re not money neutral or profitable, they’re things we provide for our citizens.

Potato, potahto. Once socialistic policies are entrenched, “democracy’s” days are numbered.

But there are private-enterprise alternatives to government-run railways and postal service, more efficient ones.

Only the military isn’t feasible to do with private enterprise. And it has plenty of waste and, especially nowadays, politics.

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Marxists. They love word games. Style over substance.

It’s time to realize MARXISTS are ALL OVER the Democrat Party

Americans are waking up. More and more former Democrat Party voters seem to be joining conservatives on the other side of the aisle. But are they REALLY waking up to truth, facts, and the importance of personal liberty…or are they just recognizing that their party’s current leaders are too dangerous to stand alongside? Hopefully it’s the former, Glenn says, because Democrats continue to show their TRUE colors like never before. In fact, Senator Richard Blumenthal just attended and spoke at a COMMUNIST award ceremony. So, Glenn says, it’s truly time to recognize the ‘Unum’ under which most Americans can unite: our Bill of Rights.

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Why not? We have already used several mercenary groups.

America WILL end in socialism if we don’t GET OFF THIS ROAD
President Biden recently dismissed individual freedom when discussing the COVID vaccine saying, ‘What about patriotism? What’s the big deal?’ But our freedoms ARE a big deal — a huge deal — and the longer America stays on this current road, the more likely we’ll end up like Venezuela, Cuba, Russia…or worse. So it’s time we get off this dark, spooky road and switch over to the bright, welcoming one that we’ve been on before…

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When a sitting United States Senator speaks to the Communist Party, you know where the Democrats are going. @Unitedwestand can’t make his arguments about how the Democrats are not communists any more. The Democrat leadership is now up its knees in the communist quagmire and sinking fast.

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