the biggest waste of money this year was-the war on drugs/paying members of congress?


Apparently facebook is asking this question. What is the biggest waste.

The war on drugs or paying members of congress.


Neither. Biggest waste of money is the Federal Government.


So, iow, you vote "both."
That’s okay; so do I.


[quote=“2cent, post:3, topic:37765”]
So, iow, you vote "both."
That’s okay; so do I.
[/quote]No, I fully support the war on drugs. The problem there is the gov’t is not fighting to win.


I agree.


Hence why it is a waste of money. When they decide to grow a pair then I will judge is cost effectiveness.


Both are counterproductive.

The war on drugs is more wasteful because it costs so much more.


That is a stupid question. About $3.3 trillion worth of wasteful spending isn’t included in the question. Proper answer: Almost the entire budget.