The bizarre Donald Trump Jr meeting story


The story about Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with the Russian lawyer has to be one of the more bizarre news stories in a long time (which is saying something).

First, Donnie says he never met with anyone associated with the Russian government in a campaign capacity. Then he says, “ok, I met with someone associated with the Russian government, but just about adoption.” And then finally, “ok, I met with someone associated with the Russian government, in an official campaign capacity, to talk about potential dirt on Clinton, but my father wasn’t aware of it.” What the hell? So of course, given who we’re dealing with, the conspicuous throwing in of “father wasn’t aware” means that his father most certainly was aware. Why is he lying so much about this? Why throw in “my father didn’t know about it”?

Where did the NYT get this information? It’s clearly incontrovertible enough to make Donnie admit to lying just a day before, which means it must be some pretty airtight stuff. Is it just a coincidence that this comes just days after the Trump-Putin meeting, where Trump seems to have refused to give Russia any of the things they wanted. Just a thought: is this Putin putting out a small leak to twist Trump’s arm; a “this is just a small sample of what I can do to you if I don’t get what I want”?

Think about it: consider Putin’s bizarre and fast reply to the story, saying he doesn’t know the Russian lawyer, and has no knowledge of the meeting. This is conspicuous protesting too much if I’ve ever heard it. Remember who we’re dealing with. So the obvious takeaway here: Putin does know her, knew all about the meeting, and was behind the whole thing. It’s basically telling Trump and anyone else with the wits to listen: “I did this.”

Strange stuff.


It’s BS. It was an attempt at entrapment that failed.


That seems plausible, but an attempt by whom?


Most likely the Soros folks would be my guess.

But, it’s a case of no evidence either way.

Trump Jr was contacted about an adoption agency possibility since the Trumps have been generous donors to notable causes with children.
Jr shows up to the meeting, the person starts talking about having dirt on Hillary and Daddy. Jr figures rightly that it’s entrapment and walks.
Jr reports the incident.
Lefties take the reporting of the incident as collusion.


Don Jr already admitted he attended the meeting with Kushner and Manafort because the Russian lawyer promised them dirt on Clinton.

Why would Soros set up a meeting with a Russian operative tied to the Kremlin when the Russians were in the process of trying to throw the election for Trump?

Your version of events doesn’t make sense to me.


I wasn’t aware of an admittance from Trump Jr. that he attended a meeting for that reason. I heard he reported that that was what the meeting turned out to be, but he met under false pretenses. Is that incorrect? I have not read anything, only heard it on the radio.


Trump JR has lied several times now about the meeting, but his last statement admitted that he met with the Russian lawyer because she promised dirt on Clinton:

He claims that the meeting then turned to a discussion about adoption based sanctions that Putin especially hates, and that nothing of consequence about Clinton was disclosed. However, given that Donald Jr is clearly a near pathological liar, there’s no reason to believe him.

Also, if it’s true that the meeting was so harmless, it remains to be explained why he keeps lying about it, and why he was so quick to say “and my father knew nothing about it.” Not passing the smell test.


Well, you MIGHT consider that the Russians were in the pockets of Hillary and the DNC and NOT President Trump, and that comment was seen for what it was…an attempt to entrap Donald Jr. and embarrass then Candidate Trump. That makes sense to me. It was Hillary, after all, that signed off on that uranium deal to the Russians’ benefit–which absolutely WOULD NOT have gone through without her signature. Secondarily, anyone with half a brain knows that the Democrats are almost infinitely closer in political philosophy with the Russians than are Republicans. Why would the Russians favor a conservative administration over a far-left one??? One would have to suspend all disbelief to claim that the Russians WANTED a Trump administration over one headed by such a buffoon as Hillary Clinton!


The universally recognized facts are that Russia preferred Trump, and actively attempted to swing the election in his favor. It’s up to you to square that with your view of the world.


Trump “applauds” his son’s “transparency” in releasing the emails that he knew the NYT was going to release soon anyway. They’re just such pitiful little people with their cynical little lies. Pure scum.


(deleted by RWNJ)

“pitiful little people”?

“cynical little lies”?

“Pure Scum”?

Trash posting seems to be your forte!


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As best I can tell, you made a troll post accusing me of trolling, and then posted a video without providing any argument or comment.

Donald Jr. got caught lying several times about the meeting, and then his dad praised him for “transparency” when he admitted to (at least some of) the content of the meeting after he was already caught, and the content to which he admitted was already known and about to be released. These are “pitiful” and “cynical” lies, and I’ve provided evidence for these claims.


^ All I can think of, is how much this looks exactly like what Hillary was doing. If we find he or his staff has been deleting emails, then the shoe will be on the other foot.

This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump

Man, we’re never going to hear the end of it.


There is no evidence that Russia preferred Trump, the only evidence of Russia’s preference that exists is when their ambassador pawned off the “golden shower” dossier that was complete BS but was supposed to hurt Trump and help Clinton; which makes perfect sense since Clinton was a weak moron like Obama who Putin could push around.

The tip from that Russian attorney was in no way connected to the Kremlin and what she offered was not utilized in the Trump campaign.

There is nothing illegal or unusual about investigating any and all leads regarding dirt on your opponents in a political campaign.

This is just more fake news, Trump should say “you bet we investigated every lead on dirt against our opponents and you can bet the ranch that we will again in 4 years when we have a new opponent”.

Then drop the mic.


Emin Aglarov, who Rob Goldstone works for, is a pop star whose father (Aras Agalarov) is an oligarch connected to the Kremlin.

Aras Agalarov, according to Gladstone, was talking to someone referred to as the “Crown Prosecutor of Russia”, possibly a misreading of the Russian Prosecutor General, who would be Yuri Chaika, in order to acquire the information on Clinton.

Emin and Aras, according to Gladstone, we’re apart of the Russian Government’s effort to help “Mr. Trump”.

> There is nothing illegal or unusual about investigating any and all leads regarding dirt on your opponents in a political campaign.

I agree, but this is a pretty clear an indication that the Russian Government was picking favorites, and that Trump was it.

The only way this isn’t true, is if Gladstone is lying.

Rather than try to deny that the Russians attempted to interfere, I think it’s better to point out that foreign countries interfere in our elections all the time. It isn’t anything remarkable.

Unless the Russians hacked the voting machines (which there’s no evidence of), this really shouldn’t matter.


Here’s a question for the fathers. If your son got caught red-handed lying about something fairly serious, and then he lied again and got caught again. And then lied again about the same topic, and got caught yet again. Would you then respond to this series of lies by praising your son’s “high character” and “transparency”?

This alone is pretty telling of the kind of people we’re dealing with here.

I’m sitting here looking at my four month old son, and I would be utterly ashamed if he behaved like Don Jr.


You mean other than a major report from the CIA, FBI, NSA and Director of National Intelligence, based on top-secret intelligence, that concludes that Russia preferred Trump and attempted to interfere on his behalf?

You can (imo absurdly) say that the intelligence community reports are bs, but you can’t say there’s “no evidence.”


Absurdly? 17 intelligence agencies concluded that the Wikileaks documents were supplied by the Russians. 4 of them retracted their conclusion. ZERO intelligence agencies have forensically examined the hacked DNC server. They relied on an examination by a Ukrainian security company owned by a man that hates Putin. For good or evil, Wikileaks has a reputation of integrity and factual information. Our entire federal government was politicized by the previous administration. Maintaining that secret classified information concludes that Putin preferred Trump is BS is certainly a rational conclusion.

The Russians knew that Hillary would win just like the rest of the civilized world knew that she would win. President Hillary mired in scandal would be infinitely preferable to the Russian agenda.

Use your brain, not your obvious prejudice.


The CIA, FBI, NSA and Director of National Intelligence concluded, with “high confidence,” that Russia attempted to interfere in the election and that the Kremlin preferred Trump.

You don’t know what evidence exists for this, as it’s top secret, and release of the information (according to the departments) would compromise intelligence assets in Russia.

You have several options. 1) conclude that the intelligence community is simply incompetent. 2) conclude that the intelligence community is lying.

What you can’t conclude is that there is “no evidence.”

Further, claiming that the CIA, FBI, NSA and Director of National Intelligence are part of a massive and potentially unprecedented conspiracy to make up lies about a Russian preference for Trump is not a “rational” conclusion. It’s a zany and silly conspiracy theory.